Confidential Memorandum

The "Confidential Memorandum" is a diatribe full of false assertions used to have Chaminade removed from authority so Roussel, its author, could position himself to assume leadership in the Society of Mary.

Chapel of the Madeleine

This 63-page booklet tells the story of where the Marianist movement was born and provides historical context to this sacred space.

Celebrating 150 Years: The Marianists in North America

This is a handy reference to see the Marianists’ background in a “nutshell,” including "Marianist Firsts” and “Significant People and Events” of the first 150 years in North America.

American Memoirs

These firsthand accounts provide a vivid and colorful description of the trials and joys involved in the early years of the Society of Mary in the United States.