This concise text marvelously highlights the history of the Society of Mary from it’s inception through the late sixties.

by Louis Gadiou, SM, and Jean Claude Delas, SM

156 pgs.

Relying heavily on primary sources, Gadiou and Delas chronicle the triumphs and sorrows of the Society of Mary through the eyes of its most prominent members.  Gadiou and Delas’ insights on where the Marianists have been and are going are very valuable.  Eminently readable, this text makes for a wonderful introduction to the Society’s history.

The task of rebuilding a Christian world is immense because there is an immense sum of ills in need of healing. But if this task is possible, and it must be, it will be accomplished only by new men. Let the dead bury their own dead--the future belongs to the young and to the courageous!

But youth needs an ideal that can harness its natural enthusi­asm, a warm and strong ideal which can offer both inspiration and support in the more difficult jobs that follow. In contrast with the somber demands of Jansenism which along with the philosophy of the century had led to a sterility of the heart, let us consider the radiant personality of the Immaculate Virgin. And since youth always respects action, let us activate them in the ranks of the Virgin. "The Lord has chosen new wars!" Under the standard of Mary, "Maria duce," the success of these new apostles is certain.  In their saving ministry, these young people would learn to tran­scend themselves and they would be channels of grace for many apparently hopeless men.

In this way Father Chaminade brought himself to the point of looking on the future with new eyes. He has all the qualities needed by a man who would rebuild: a sense of realism mixed with an expanded sense of what is possible, clarity and breadth of vision, untiring patience and above all faith. Would it be presump­tuous of him to believe himself called to promote renewal with the young, a Christian Renaissance in a waiting France?

Translator’s Note



1. That is What I Have Been Waiting for So Long
2. Refuse God Nothing
3. The Desire for a Hidden and Penitent Life
4. A Mission Received from Heaven
5. Each Sodality Is An Enduring Mission
6. To Multiply Christians
7. What Should Stir Their Hearts
8. With Joy in Their Hearts
9. Owe Nothing to Politics
10. The Mark of Ordeal
11. The Crucible of Satan
12. Go, Make Disciples of All Nations
13. Brothers and Priests in the Service of the Church
14. First of All We Want Religious
15. Go, Even to The Ends of The Earth, If God Calls
16. Bring, in Mary’s Name, The Love of Jesus to the Hearts of Many
17. I Saw Death Coming with the Happiest Smile of My Life
18. Fidelity and Adaptation
19. On Jesus Christ, Son of Mary, All Is Built