Episode 1: The First Lay Assembly (Marge Cavanaugh and Tony Garascia)

Episode 2: Following Mary's Yes In the Inner City (Mike and Beth Schultz)

Episode 3: Brother and Sister in the Marianist Family (Dave Fleming SM and Marceta Reilly)

Episode 4: Mary as Mother and Friend (Maureen Hoock)

Episode #5: Building a Hearth for the World (Abby Lisjak and Elizabeth Abrams)

Episode #6: Story of a Friendship: Mother Adele and Jeanne Diché

Episode #7: Go to Europe, Become a Sister (Marie Abmayr, FMI)

Episode #8: The Gift of Relationship (Norbert Burns, SM)

Episode #9: Marianist Lessons from Rough Patches (Linda Zappacosta and Brad Leger)

Episode #10: The Five Silences and Marianist Mindfulness (MSP 2.0 Participants)


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