Do Whatever He Tells You: Revisiting Communities for the New Millennium

If you are looking for a connection between the foundation of the Marianist Family and Marianist ways of responding to today's world in building community, this is a great source.

Just--Do Whatever He Tells You . . . Together!

A practical guide to collaboration among communities in the Marianist Family; based on experiences of Marianist Lay Communities (MLC) in North America

Just--Do Whatever He Tells You

A very practical, down-to-earth guide to forming and building communities, the suggested resources and strategies make this an invaluable tool for establishing and continuing faith-based communities. What sets this apart from other resources is the proven effectiveness of the ideas to actually work in the forming and sustaining of small communities.

Things Marianist: Whose Wine Is It? Reflections on the Discipleship of Equals in Marianist Communities

This issue of "Things Marianist" examines the gift of equal partnership within our Marianist Family and explores areas for collaboration between the lay and religious branches of Marianist life.

Things Marianist: What Do You Mean, Community is Gift and Task?

Isabella Moyer reminds us that community is both a safe place for maturation and fellowship and a Gospel challenge to be shared with the world.

Things Marianist: What Are Chaminade's Principles for Community Building?

Brother Thomas F. Giardino, SM, develops four principles that guided the thought and practical wisdom of Father Chaminade's world-changing approach to community.
Mike Lizbeth, SM

Growth in Community

To help you with your spiritual growth and transformation into the life of Christ.

Stories from the Wake

Hill examines the rise of the Small Christian Community movement, both during the time of Father Chaminade and the original Sodality and in terms of today’s postmodernism.

Marianist L-I-N-G-O Bingo

"Lingo Bingo" has all the fun of traditional Bingo while explaining key terms from our own Marianist Tradition.

Habits for the Journey: A Mystical and Political Spirituality for Small Christian Communities

"Habits for the Journey" presents a spirituality for Small Christian Communities.