Phil Lohr

Becoming a Caring Community

A model for building Small Christian Community in which all members are responsible for the success of the group and are called to lead at some point

Talking Points (Full Set of 15)

Best Value! All 15 Talking Points, one for each issue of Things Marianist . . . companion resource for groups, which includes prayer, reflection questions, and insight into Things Marianist topics.

Talking Points: What Do You Mean, "Community is a Gift and Task"?

Program resource to use with Things Marianist: "What Do You Mean, 'Community is a Gift and Task'?"

Talking Points: What Are Chaminade's Principles for Community Building?

Program material to be use with Things Marianist "What Are Chaminade's Principles for Community Building?" . . . includes reflection questions on Chaminade's four principles.

Talking Points: Whose Wine Is It?

Program material for reflection on the call to vocation and what it means in the Marianist Family . . . companion piece to Things Marianist "Whose Wine Is It?"

Promise and the Path: Starting and Sustaining Marianist Communities

. . . a resource for community meetings. The structure of each chapter has a nice balance of personal story, solid Marianist formation, and well-thought out discussion questions.

Mary and Freedom

American Catholic spirituality draws its most distinctive genius from the high ideals of the American ethos. Freedom is the ideal that will link Marianist spirituality and American Catholic spirituality.
Carol P. Ramey

Mary Was a Lay Woman Who Lived in Community

This paper addresses three components of Marianist spirituality: empowerment of the laity, Mary, and community. The historical relevance of the establishment of lay groups in Bordeaux is compared in two major biographies of Father Chaminade, and the characteristics of the early communities are presented as a model for today's Church.
Raymond L. Fitz, SM

Partners in Mission: Some Reflections on the Future of Mount Saint John

Brother Raymond L. Fitz's talk delivered during the celebration of the first 100 years of Marianist involvement at the Mount St. John property in Dayton, Ohio. His words are a reflection and challenge for all Marianists--religious and lay.

Whose Wine Is It? Reflections on the Relationship Between Marianist Religious Communities and Marianist Lay Communities

Framed by the scripture and images of the wedding feast at Cana (John 2:10), Brother Glodek explores the relationship of Marianist laity and Marianist religious men and women.