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The Things Marianist series--now comprised of 15 issues--is a highly popular resource for use in settings where members of the Marianist Family gather or minister: schools, parishes, faith communities, retreat houses, etc. Each issue explains a key aspect of our Marianist charism in easy-to-understand language. The series is comprised of the following issues:


Things Marianist: How Can We Be Guided on the Marianist Path?

Things Marianist: Can You Explain What You Mean When You Say . . . ?

Things Marianist: How Do Marianists Do Social Justice?

Things Marianist: Setting a Marianist Table

Things Marianist: What Are Chaminade's Principles for Community Building?

Things Marianist: What Do You Mean, Community is Gift and Task?

Things Marianist: What Do You Mean, I'm a Missionary?

Things Marianist: What Is the Marianist Tradition of Prayer?

Things Marianist: Who Are the Marianist Saints?

Things Marianist: Who Makes Up the Marianist Family?

Things Marianist: Who Started All of This, Anyhow?

Things Marianist: Whose Wine Is It? Reflections on the Discipleship of Equals in Marianist Communities

Things Marianist: Why Mary?

Things Marianist: How Are the Marianist Three Offices Like an Orchestra?

Things Marianist: How Do People Make Commitments to Living Marianist Life?


Are you looking for a way to use a Things Marianist for a community meeting or discussion group? We have the answer for you, and it is free. A complimentary issue of Talking Points (an electronic resource containing prayer, scripture, and reflection questions) related to each issue of Things Marianist you have purchased is available upon request (