Audio File: Father Ferree's Interest in Charts and in "Consecration"

Brother Tom Giardino, SM, talks about Ferrees interest in charts, and he discusses the idea of "Degrees of Consecration," one of the central concepts of Ferree's interpretation of Marianist life.
Thomas Giardino, SM

Audio File: Reflections on Father Ferree

Tom Giardino, SM, discusses his own introduction to Father Ferree

Maybe God Will Speak to Me

A moving story of a remarkable young man--Faustino Pérez-Manglano--who remained patient throughout a painful terminal illness.

Companions of Adèle (Hardbound Edition)

Drawn primarily from the Letters of Adèle and Father Chaminade, 145 biographical sketches are presented.

Blesseds Carlos, Jesús, Fidel, Marianists

The book is a compilation of individual biographies of Brothers Carlos, Eraña, Jesús Hita, and Fidel Fuidio who were martyred in 1937 during the Spanish Civil War.

Blessed Jakob Gapp, Marianist

The story of Jakob Gapp is a compelling real-life drama of a flawed man's discovery of the Gospel and the journey where it led him, to martydom at the hands of the Nazis.

Autobiography of Father Emile Neubert, Marianist

This is the deeply personal account of a true pioneer in the field of Mariology whose "My Ideal, Jesus, Son of Mary" sold more than a half-million copies worldwide.
Father Emile Neubert

A Marian Apostle of Modern Times

Father Emile Neubert (1878-1967) was one of the first theologians to open the road of patristic research on the Virgin Mary.