Spanish Martyrs

Spanish Martyrs

A brief overview of the Marianist Martyrs from Ciudad Real and Madrid who died for their faith during the Spanish Civil War. (The material is a reprint from articles in "The Apostle of Mary" from 1942.)
Saints Peter and Paul

"Into the Darkness": Feast of Saints Peter and Paul

Father George Cerniglia, SM, reflects on the lives of these two great saints and tells the story of Abraham Lincoln overcoming a fear of the dark. Father George's homily was part of opening celebration for the SM Province of the United States.

Blessed Jakob Gapp: Social Justice Animator

For Father Jakob Gapp, martyred by the Nazis during World War II, the identification point is social justice. Through his life and actions he sang Mary’s song, the Magnificat, and proclaimed how God lifts up the lowly and casts down the powerful.
Charles Klobb, SM

A Biography of Father Charles Klobb, SM: Ten Articles

Behind every great leader is a great helper. Father Charles Klobb, SM, was such a great helper: retreat master preaching Jesus and Mary to a new generation of Brothers of Mary; historian tirelessly reclaiming the life of Father Chaminade; and trusted aide to Superior General Joseph Simler. Klobb accomplished much during his mere four decades of life.
Mother Mechtilde

Mother Mechtilde: A Biography of Mère M. Mechtilde Pouilh-Mauriès (1858-1940)

Who was the force behind the unity of the Marianist Sisters after expulsion from France? It was Mother Mechtilde. Read the online monograph of this amazing woman . . . who many consider the Second Foundress of the Marianist Sisters.
Charles Klobb, SM

Charles Klobb: Apostle of Father Chaminade

A brief biographical sketch on an early Marianist historian . . . a man who found service through reclaiming the Marianist story

Saint Juan Diego, Icon of Mary's Evangelizing Mission: Model for the Laity

Juan Diego’s canonization has renewed and increased the momentum of the movement to designate him as the patron saint of the laity and lay apostles.
Madrid Martyrs

Sainthood: Prayer Questions

Three key questions about intercessory prayer for causes for Marianist saints

Philip C. Hoelle, SM: Servant Priest

This is a portrait of Father Philip Charles Hoelle, SM, a man for all seasons, a model servant priest and apostle.

Bro. Charles Biehler, SM: Marianist Mathematician, 1845-1906

This book features the religious life and ministry of a special Marianist. The history of the Society of Mary as it struggled against anticlericalism in France and in Germany is presented in detail.