Each biography has something special to offer.

  • Adèle, Aristocrat for the Poor. Joseph Stefanelli, SM, gives a glimpse into the life and work of this spirited woman. From her mother, the Baroness de Trenquelléon, Adèle learned what it means to be and to live as a Christian, helping the poor and the sick, visiting them, nursing them in their homes, sharing food and clothing with them, and selling her jewelry to provide for them. Adèle devoted her life to prayer, service to others, and spreading the Christian message through a network of young women she founded, called the Association. In collaboration with Father William Joseph Chaminade and Mlle Marie Thérèse de Lamourous, she founded the Daughters of Mary in 1816.
  • In Chaminade, Pragmatist with a Vision, Joseph Stefanelli, SM, encapsulates the viewpoint of the text when he writes, "His life could be written as a series of reverses, a progressive victory over all obstacles." This book describes William Joseph Chaminade's early life, his work in Bordeaux, years of difficulties in France, the mission of the Society of Mary to the schools, and the years of changes in the leadership of the Society of Mary.
  • In Marie Thérèse de Lamourous, Firm of Hand, Loving of Heart, Joseph Stefanelli, SM, looks at Marie Thérèse's many works and how this saintly woman played an integral role in establishing the Marianist Family. She was deeply involved in helping Father Chaminade to establish the Madeleine Sodality of Bordeaux and participating in the foundation of two religious congregations. Throughout her life, she relied upon God and went where the voice of God led her, even when this involved an initial reluctance to work with repentant prostitutes. Her ministry at the Miséricorde ("House of Mercy") with former women of the streets, her filles, would constitute her life's main work.
  • Origins of the Marianist Family: Notes on Marianist History reads like a Hollywood thriller--and in fact it includes a DVD, called Where We Were Born--yet it is the essence of our Marianist history, the true story of our origins, filled with moments of joy, betrayal, and uncertainty. And, it clearly depicts the greatness of our Founder, Blessed William Joseph Chaminade.
  • Running Giant is the most easy-to-read selection. It is shorter than the others and tells the Founder's history in story form. While historically accurate, the author has interjected some imaginary dialogue to aid the flow of the narrative.
  • Chaminade: Another Portrait is also a text for readers interested in a comprehensive history. This book has material on the last years of the Founder which “corrects” earlier accounts of events during this time period. The author, a scholar in many fields, adds a unique flavor to this chronicle.

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