Eduardo Benlloch: Formation in the Family

In loving memory of Father Eduardo Benlloch: a fitting tribute to a premier Marianist researcher, teacher, and formator

Walking Our Talk Barefooted

Walking our talk barefoot is feeling our words and the depth of the injustice that in turn could subject our heart and soul to bruises, scratches, and cuts. (A look at living a spiritually discalced life)
William Joseph Chaminade

Principles of Direction of Blessed Chaminade

Why would Chaminade make 23 attempts to formulate a Manual of Direction to give to his leaders? To understand, we must first consider the background of his work of predilection, the Sodality of Bordeaux.
Chaminade and Mary

Chaminade and Mary

"Chaminade was more than a moralist; he was a prophet who proclaimed courageously the victory of Christ, whose most beautiful work is the Virgin Mary. Indeed, his thought is definitely more Christological and ecclesial than Marian."

Faith of the Heart: Commentary

The light of faith, says Father Chaminade, is like the sun that brightens our day so we can see everything clearly, if we have the eyes that can see.
Madrid Martyrs

Sainthood: Prayer Questions

Three key questions about intercessory prayer for causes for Marianist saints
Isabella Moyer

An Example of Community: The Marianist Tradition

An overview of Marianist community, written by Isabella R. Moyer, which appeared in the Feb. 15, 2012, "Prairie Messenger: Catholic Journal."

Concerning the Prayer of Faith (III)

. . . final installment in my series of spiritual reflections on what can be called a Marianist style of meditation.

Concerning the Prayer of Faith (II)

Father Chaminade is emphatic: “We must remember faith belongs more to the heart than to the mind.” (Second article of a 3-part series.)

Concerning the Prayer of Faith (I)

True love always seeks the interests of the beloved and how to please him or her. The opposite is not love but possessive self-centeredness. (First article of a 3-part series.)

A Christmas Weave

. . . I propose the metaphor of knitting, of working with yarn, to help us understand the many threads that go into creating the Christmas story.
Tom Redmond, SM

Fourth Station of Advent: An Encounter with Grace

. . . at this fourth and last Station of Advent I offer three specific points for us to consider . . .

Founders Coloring Pages

Great resources for children or for your inner-child . . . color pictures of each of the three Marianist Founders
Mary's Lullaby

Mary's Lullaby

In the stillness of a night Mary cradles her newborn son.
John the Baptist

Third Station of Advent: An Encounter with John the Baptist

At this third Station of Advent I suggest three “annunciations” for us to consider.
Good Shepherd

Second Station of Advent

At this second Station of Advent we encounter the Prophet Isaiah through the first reading at Mass on Sunday . . .
Tom Redmond, SM

A Reflection on Advent

When we think of Advent certain people and themes come to mind . . .

Father Chaminade and the Church

. . . Chaminade’s privileged contemplation of the mystical body of Christ becomes combined with his charismatic vision of the figure of Mary in the eternal plan of God.

Why Should We Dedicate Ourselves to Mary?

This is a fair question. After all, our entire religion is centered in Jesus. Why do we have to do anything else, except to listen to his Word and follow it.
FMI Rule of Life

Rule of LIfe: Congregation of the Daughters of Mary Immaculate

The 1984 Rule of Life of the Marianist Sisters