Laurence J. Cada and Carol Ramey
Basic Handbook of Marianist Studies
The Basic Handbook of Marianist Studies is a key resource exploring the historical trends related to the origins of Marianist life and its development. Compiled and created by Bro. Lawrence J. Cada, SM, and Carol Ramey, it is a one-stop shop for historically-rich content on the origins and historical markers along the Marianist journey.

The pdf files for download are located at the heading links and at the bottom of this page after the table of contents. Note: The electronic files also include maps, monographs related to important documents, and a special glossary of "Marianist People, Places, and Terms."

Table of Contents

  • Preface by Bro. Lawarence Cada, SM
  • Marianist History Course (Syllabus and Outline)
  • Marianist Studies Topics

Chapter 1: Statistics and Charts

  • SM Statistics: Age by Unit
  • Priests in the SM Statistics (Comparison of Total Membership with Priest Members)
  • SM Membership Statistics (Comparison of Worldwide and US Membership)
  • Daughters of Mary Immaculate: Membership Statistics
  • SM World Membership (Graph)

Chapter 2: Eras and Life Cycles of Religious Life

  • Table 1.1: Age of the Desert (200-500)
  • Table 1.2: Age of the Monasticism (500-1200)
  • Table 1.3: Age of Mendicant Orders (1200-1500)
  • Table 1.4: Age of the Apostolic Orders (1500-1800)
  • Table 1.5: Age of the Teaching Congregations (1800-present)
  • Overview of “The Life Cycle of Religious Community: A Sociological Model”

Chapter 3: French School of Spirituality

  • French School of Spirituality and Other Spiritual Movements in 17th Century France
  • French School of Spirituality (Lowell M. Glendon, SS)
  • Chronology of the French School
  • Thoughts on the French School of Spirituality (Hugh Bihl, SM)
  • Pierre Cardinal de Bérulle (1575-1629)
  • Charles de Condren (1588-1641)
  • Saint Jean Eudes (1601-1680)
  • Jean-Jacques Olier (1608-1651)
  • Saint Jean-Baptiste de la Salle (1651-1719)
  • Saint Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort (1673-1716)

Chapter 4: France Before the Revolution

  • Popes and Ecumenical Councils of the Modern Era
  • Rulers, Régimes, and Governments of France
  • Marianist Spirituality: Influences and Trends
  • Jansenism
  • The Enlightenment
  • French Society and the Church on the Eve of the Revolution

Chapter 5: The Founders

  • Founders Before 1800
  • Family Tree of William Joseph Chaminade
  • Chaminade’s Early Life (1761-1800)
  • William Joseph Chaminade A Brief Chronology of His Life
  • Family Tree of Adèle de Batz de Trenquelléon
  • Adèle de Batz de Trenquelléon A Brief Chronology of Her Life
  • Adèle’s Rule of Life
  • Trenquelléon Château
  • Family Tree of Marie Thérèse Charlotte de Lamourous
  • Marie Thérèse de Lamourous A Brief Chronology of Her Life
  • The Founders: 1800-1836

Chapter 6: The French Revolution

  • The French Revolution – A Chronology
  • The French Revolution and Human Rights
  • The Revolutionary Calendar
  • Effects of the Revolution on the Founders
  • Chaminade in Saragossa
  • Our Lady of the Pillar

Chapter 7: First Foundations

  • The Miséricorde (adapted from Mlle de Lamourous by Stefanelli)
  • Timeline for Miséricorde of Bordeaux
  • Bordeaux Sodality: Chronology and Fact Sheet
  • Names of Young Men Who Joined the Bordeaux Sodality in 1801
  • Members of the Bordeaux Sodality (Some Thumbnail Sketches)
  • The Association Fact Sheet

Chapter 8: The Institute

  • Lalanne’s “Official Report” of the Foundation
  • Benedictine, Jesuit, and Franciscan Influence on the Marianists
  • Founding of the Society of Mary (The “Springtime Years” of the 1820s)
  • Histo-Structural Perspectives of the Marianist System

Chapter 9: Chaminade’s Last Years

  • Chaminade’s Last Years: Who’s Who
  • Last Years of Chaminade: 1841-50
  • Reading List

Chapter 10: American Province

  • Expansion to North America
  • Early Figures in the American Province
  • US Marianist History: An Outline
  • US Marianist History: A Chronology
  • Provincials of the North American Provinces
  • Inspectors and Assistant Provincials of the North American Provinces

Chapter 11: Internal Crisis

  • Expansion Period: 1845-1905
  • Expansion Period—Key Developments 1845-1905
  • SM Outline History 1845-1905
  • Louis Cousin, SM
  • Marc Sangnier (and the Sillon Movement)
  • The Sillon Movement: A Bibliography

Chapter 12: Father Simler 2nd Founder

  • Father Joseph Simler, SM

Chapter 13: Period of Stabilization

  • Stabilization Period (1905-65)
  • Superiors, General Chapters, and Foundations SM and FMI (1905-65)
  • Emile Neubert, SM (1878-1967)

Chapter 14: Daughters of Mary

  • The Founding of the Daughters of Mary (Ade Windisch, SM)
  • The Beginnings of the Daughters of Mary (FMI) (Danielle Weidner)
  • Chronology Daughter of Mary (Alison Cawley)
  • FMI Superiors General
  • Daughters of Mary (FMI) Foundations in New Countries
  • Daughters of Mary Immaculate (Habits)

Chapter 15: Marianist Servants of God

  • History of Process for the Beautification of William Joseph Chaminade (Samaha)
  • Miracle Cure Could Lead to Blessed Chaminade’s Canonization
  • Servant of God, Faustino Perez Manglano
  • Timeline for Jakob Gapp
  • A Snapshot of Blesseds Jesús Hita, Carol Eraña, Fidel Fuidio, Jakob Gapp
  • Marianist Martyrs of Madrid to be Beatified (Via Latina 22)
  • Marianist Martyrs of Madrid
  • Marianist Logo for the Beautification/History of the Cause
  • Candidates for Sainthood

Chapter 16: Father William J. Ferree

  • William J. Ferree, SM: Life Chronology
  • Key Matrix of Ferree’s First Synthesis
  • A Conference on Father Chaminade’s System of Virtues
  • William J. Ferree, SM Bibliograhy (partial list)

Chapter 17: Present and Future

  • SM Breakdown Period (1965-90)
  • SM Transition Period (1990-2015)
  • What is the Future of the Society of Mary in the United States?

Chapter 18: Marianist Lay Communities: Past and Present

  • The Rise of Marianist Lay Communities
  • Continental Assemblies of Marianist Lay Communities
  • International Organization of Marianist Lay Communities (IO/MLC) History
  • International Convocation of Marianist Communities (delegate structure)
  • Significant Documents/Texts to MLC Development
  • Characteristics of Marianist Lay Communities and Lay Marianists
  • Being Marianist, Being Family (Moyer)
  • Marianist Lay Communities: An International Community of Communities (Moyer)
  • Number of International Marianist Lay Communities (2012)

Part 2: Maps

  • Important Marianist Places
  • Dioceses of France Before 1789
  • Départements of France
  • Ecclesiastical France (1964)
  • The Bishoprics of France (1789)
  • The Revolutionary Departments of France
  • Europe
  • Southwestern France and Northeastern France
  • Map: American Province 1855-1908
  • Map: Western, St. Louis, Eastern, Cincinnati Provinces
  • Map: St. Louis, Pacific, New York, Cincinnati Provinces, Province of Canada
  • Map: 1994 Region of Canada, 2002 SM Province of the US, Meribah Province
  • Marianist Family Map

Part 3: Monographs: Additional Resources

  • Chronology Society of Mary
  • Answers to Objections that are Ordinarily Made Against Sodalities . . .
  • Introduction to Letter to the Retreat Masters of 1839 (Cada)
  • Chaminade’s Letter to the Retreat Masters of 1839
  • Notes on Narcisse Roussel

Part 4: Marianist People, Places, and Terms

  • List of Entries
  • Marianist People, Places, and Terms