In honor of Carol's legacy and contribution to the Marianist world as a former director of NACMS, this page highlights some of the articles, interviews, and presentations that Carol has written over the years.

Carol Ramey was the Director of NACMS from 1993 until her retirement in 2016. Both the NACMS staff and the entire Marianist world mourn her passing into eternal life on April 11, 2021.

Carol was a gifted and much sought-after speaker about the Marianist charism and Marianist history, and some of these pieces were adapted into articles and publications like Things Marianist. We have compiled some of Carol's major written works and presentations below. To view the work online or on our bookstore, simply click on the title of the resource. The last resource is an interview with Carol for our podcast Sharing Our Marianist Stories from 2017.

Mary Was a Lay Woman Who Lived in Community This paper addresses three components of Marianist spirituality: empowerment of the laity, Mary, and community. This Carol Ramey article first appeared in The Promised Woman.

Inspiration: William Joseph Chaminade in Saragossa This paper is adapted from a talk Carol gave as part of the Food for the Soul Program at the University of Dayton in which she reflects on the inspiration Chaminade received in Saragossa.

Importance of Lay Leadership in the Marianist Movement This paper is based on a talk Carol gave to a group of Marianist Educational Associates at the University of Dayton in 2009. It originally appeared in Marianist Soundings, vol. 12.1

Marianist Charism, Mary, and Our Lives Carol co-wrote this paper with two other lay Marianists for the Marianist Resource Commission Bulletin in 1986.

Things Marianist: Who Makes Up the Marianist Family? This popular pamphlet written by Carol shows the variety of ways and states of life available to those interested in the Marianist spirit. 

Things Marianist: Setting a Marianist Table- Perhaps our best-known edition of Things Marianist, Carol co-wrote this with Sr. Laura Leming, FMI. This is a script groups can follow to present, in a visual and creative way, the characteristics of Marianist spirituality. 

Things Marianist: Can You Explain What You Mean When You Say . . . ? In this issue, Carol explains Marianist "jargon" through an imaginary dialogue in a Marianist faith-sharing community. 

Things Marianist: Why Mary? Carol wrote this pamphlet to explain the thinking of the Founders on Mary and includes comments from contemporary Marianists on Mary's meaning today.

Sharing Our Marianist Stories, Episode 16: Commitment to Community In this podcast episode, Carol reflects with lay Marianist Ann Hirt on how their friendship, their Marianist commitment, and relationship with Mary has sustained them for the past 50 years of commitment to Marianist lay life.