Bro. Andrew Kosmowski, SM
Bro. Andrew Kosmowski, SM discusses the NACMS Library's classification system, its strengths and challenges, and how it provides a model for charismatic libraries around the world.

The NACMS library features the largest number of Marianist-oriented books, periodicals, and unbound material in the English-speaking world, which can be a lot to keep organized. NACMS Librarian, Bro. Andrew Kosmowski’s article for Catholic Library World highlights the NACMS Library’s Marianist classification system as a prime example of a classification system within a Catholic charismatic family. He reflects on NACMS Librarian Teresa Trimboli’s work creating the original Marianist Library classification system and provides his assessment of the system’s strengths and challenges. Bro. Andrew hopes this article encourages librarians from different orders to create similar schemas for their congregations.

With permission of Catholic Library Association, this is "Marianist Library Classification: A Case Study" by Bro. Andrew J. Kosmowski, SM, as found in Volume 94, issue number 2 (December 2023) of Catholic Library World.