Our Marianist Heritage

Joseph Stefanelli, SM, discusses Father Chaminade’s spirituality, its scriptural and historical underpinnings, Mary and some of her titles, and the concept of community within the institute and within the Church as a whole.

Philip C. Hoelle, SM: Servant Priest

This is a portrait of Father Philip Charles Hoelle, SM, a man for all seasons, a model servant priest and apostle.

Promise and the Path: Starting and Sustaining Marianist Communities

. . . a resource for community meetings. The structure of each chapter has a nice balance of personal story, solid Marianist formation, and well-thought out discussion questions.

Promised Woman

If one wishes to know the wide array of perspectives in the Marianist world about our common spirituality, this collection of papers will be of interest.

Reading the Signs of the Times, Speaking to a Changing World: An Overview of Catholic Theology from 1800 to 2000

Father John A. McGrath concentrates on currents in Western Europe, especially France, Germany, and Italy, to show connections with Marianist life in this period.

Reason, Revelation, and Faith of the Heart

A meaningful work for those seeking insight into Blessed Chaminade's theology and how it developed..

Retreat with Adèle

A Retreat with Adèle is a spiritual guide which takes readers on a seven-day retreat.

Running Giant

In a literary world filled with Jason Bourne, James Bond, and Robert Langdon, we Marianists have our own exciting man of action: William Joseph Chaminade.

Scripture and the Marian Writings of Father William Joseph Chaminade

Father Buby tells us that while Father Chaminade was not a Mariologist, his love for and devotion to Mary prompted him to use the whole of the Bible to teach about Mary in a practical, wisdom-like manner.

Society of Mary in Mexico

Learn about the Marianist implantation in Mexico, which was ended in 1914 because of the Mexican Revolution, and the second implantation that was begun in 1980 and continues today.

Stories from the Wake

Hill examines the rise of the Small Christian Community movement, both during the time of Father Chaminade and the original Sodality and in terms of today’s postmodernism.

Suppression of Religious Orders in France

This is a fascinating history of what happens when a government promulgates laws promoting anticlericalism.

Tal Vez Me Hable Dios

This is the Spanish original of the NACMS translation "Maybe God Will Speak to Me." Either in English or in Spanish, the story of Faustino Pérez-Manglano is a spiritually-moving account of a boy's struggle with blood cancer and his desire to be a Marianist brother.

Talking Points (Full Set of 15)

Best Value! All 15 Talking Points, one for each issue of Things Marianist . . . companion resource for groups, which includes prayer, reflection questions, and insight into Things Marianist topics.

Talking Points: Can You Explain What You Mean When You Say . . .?

Program material for reflection on key terms and phrases within Marianist life . . . companion piece to Things Marianist "Can You Explain What You Mean When You Say . . . ?"

Talking Points: How Are the Marianist Three Offices Like an Orchestra?

Short prayers and reflection material for use with "Things Marianist," How Are the Marianist Three Offices Like an Orchestra?

Talking Points: How Can We Be Guided on the Marianist Path?

Short prayers and reflection material for use with "Things Marianist" How Can We Be Guided on the Marianist Path?

Talking Points: How Do Marianists Do Social Justice?

Companion piece to Things Marianist "How Do Marianists Do Social Justice?" . . . a program resource that includes reflection questions related to the "seven qualities" of a Marianist approach to social justice.

Talking Points: How Do People Make Commitments to Living Marianist Life?

A resource to better understand Marianist stability and commitments to a Marianist way of life

Talking Points: Setting a Marianist Table

Program resource for use with Things Marianist "Setting a Marianist Table," includes reflection questions and prayers.