Joan McGuinness Wagner and Patti Gehred
The Marianist Three Offices are an orchestra: sounds that blend well together to build an outward sense of Christ in and for the world.

4 pgs.

It’s been said that life is an unforgettable opera: one filled with moments, some positive and some not, that help build character along the way. But perhaps for Marianists a better image is that of an orchestra: different sounds that blend well together to build an outward sense of Christ in and for the world.

Things Marianist—“How Are the Marianist Three Offices Like an Orchestra?”—explores this very concept, and yes it does use orchestral imagery.

This easy-to-read, four-page publication not only examines Blessed Chaminade’s practical approach to community leadership (the Three Offices) but also provides contemporary language for it—an area some say is needed in Marianist community development today.

If you ever have struggled with the question of “How do we organize ourselves effectively as a community?” (leadership structure and responsibilities), this Things Marianist—coauthored by Joan McGuinness Wagner and Patti Gehred—just might hit the right note.


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Like a vibrant orchestra, communities come to life when they embrace and utilize the unique gifts of each member. The Three Offices, created by Blessed William Joseph Chaminade, Founder of the Marianist Family, offers everyone an opportunity to participate in the organization and life of the community. We are asked to discover our individual gifts and to share them together.This builds a strong community that offers its unique composition of gifts to the Church and the whole world. As each section of an orchestra looks to the composer to help create a piece of music that comes together as one song, we look to Christ and seek guidance as to how we can become the Body of Christ on earth.