Founders Coloring Pages

Great resources for children or for your inner-child . . . color pictures of each of the three Marianist Founders

A Very Special Friendship at the Service of the Kingdom: de Lamourous and Chaminade

From its very origin, the Marianist Family has been witness to the power of Christian friendship. Read about the deep spiritual bond between Blessed William Joseph Chaminade and Venerable Marie Thérèse de Lamourous as the Marianist Family began to develop. They relied upon each other for help and insight.

The Marianist Founders and Social Justice

Felipe Melcher, SM, has assembled useful quotes from Marianist sources that pertain to key elements of how Marianists view social justice.

A Sociologist Considers the Contributions of Marie Thérèse de Lamourous

Laura M. Leming, FMI, a sociologist at the University of Dayton and a Marianist Sister, highlights Marie Thérèse's "best practices" of social ministry in relation to this Marianist Founder's work with former sex workers at the Miséricorde.
Joseph Verrier, SM

Canonization Cause for Mademoiselle de Lamourous

An overview of Marie Thérèse de Lamourous' cause for sainthood and the efforts of Father Joseph Verrier related to this holy woman.

Marianist Founders on Faith

Quotations from the Marianist Founders on faith, during this "Year of Faith."

Things Marianist (Full Set of 15 Issues)

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Talking Points (Full Set of 15)

Best Value! All 15 Talking Points, one for each issue of Things Marianist . . . companion resource for groups, which includes prayer, reflection questions, and insight into Things Marianist topics.

Talking Points: Who Started All This Anyhow?

Program material on the founding of Marianist life and the three Founders who began our beautiful charism . . . companion piece to Things Marianist "Who Started All This Anyhow?"

Founders before 1800

For those who like to see things visually, here's a chart on the early lives of the Marianist Founders: including stories, efforts in the French Revolution, and birth order.