Adèle's Family Tree

For those seeking history on Venerable Adèle de Batz de Trenquelléon, here is her family tree.
Adèle de Batz de Trenquelléon

Adèle de Batz de Trenquelléon: A Brief Chronology of Her Life

This is a brief chronology of the holy Founder of the Marianist Sisters whose life was, in fact, too brief.

Chaminade's Early Life (1761-1800)

This 7-page overview not only provides background into Chaminade's early years and family of origin but also highlights his actions during the French Revolution and exile in Spain.
Joseph Lackner, SM

"Mother Mary, the Juiciest Tomato of All"

“What is your take on Mary?” If you work at a Marianist institution, especially if you are in charge, this question may seem overwhelming. Father Joseph H. Lackner, in sobering candor, explores his relations with Mary. He draws up literature and Scripture in his reflection and invites the audience to ponder and to grow in relationship with Mary.
Susan Handle Terbay

Morning Coffee with Mary

A touching reflection on motherhood, filled with the joyous pains of childbirth and Jesus' suffering on the cross . . . told through the eyes of a mom armed with a cup of coffee and a rosary.
Mount St. John

Mount St. John Centennial: In Pictures

A look at the first 100 years of Marianist involvement at Mount St. John

Magnificat: A Marian Examen

A Marianist reflection tool for praying the Magnificat
Raymond L. Fitz, SM

Partners in Mission: Some Reflections on the Future of Mount Saint John

Brother Raymond L. Fitz's talk delivered during the celebration of the first 100 years of Marianist involvement at the Mount St. John property in Dayton, Ohio. His words are a reflection and challenge for all Marianists--religious and lay.
Father Chaminade

Chaminade Family Tree

For those seeking history on Blessed Chaminade, here is his family tree.

Founders before 1800

For those who like to see things visually, here's a chart on the early lives of the Marianist Founders: including stories, efforts in the French Revolution, and birth order.
Food for the Soul: Collaboration

Food for the Soul: Marianist Family Collaboration

Marianist Founders as Examples of an Amazing Partnership in Collaboration
Alison R. Cawley

Vision and Leadership Styles of Marie Thérèse de Lamourous and Adèle de Batz de Trenquelléon

Adèle de Batz de Trenquelléon and Marie Thérèse de Lamourous and the qualities they developed and perfected as leaders during the chaos and upheaval of the French Revolution. . . .
Susan Handle Terbay

When God Says No: Our Lady of Sorrows

Whenever I pray I want to believe that I will be heard and God most certainly will answer my prayer(s). . . but then what if God says “No.”

Adèle's Association: Rule of the "Little Society"

The "Little Society" was a group of young women living in postrevolutionary France.
Chaminade and Mary

Chaminade's Letter to Pope Gregory XVI, Rome

A crowning achievement of the Founder's life was completing the Marianist Constitutions and securing a Decree of Praise.
Mary's Magnificat

Audio File: The Magnificat

Mary's conversation with the Angel.
William Joseph Chaminade

Letter to the Retreat Masters of 1839

An important spiritual letter written by the Founder

"I am like a brook."

What is the source of this quote attributed to Father Chaminade?
God Alone: Thoughts from Adèle: Index

God Alone: Thoughts from Adèle: Index

Need to find an Adèle quote, this index can help.
Three Founders

Three People, One Mission

A look at the skill set that each Founder brought to the establishment of the comprehensive Marianist Family