Christocentric Chaminade

To be Christocentric, then, is not merely a beautiful idea; rather, it is a fundamental truth of Catholic faith. Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life . . .

Mary and Freedom

American Catholic spirituality draws its most distinctive genius from the high ideals of the American ethos. Freedom is the ideal that will link Marianist spirituality and American Catholic spirituality.
Sacred Heart of Jesus

From a Full Heart: Thoughts from Father Chaminade

A spiritual quote a day, the Chaminade way
Adèle de Batz de Trenquelléon

God Alone: Thoughts from Adèle

Listen to the words of Adèle de Batz de Trenquelléon in this quote-a-day format taken from her spiritual writings. Material is for the month of June.
Marianist Soundings

Marianist Soundings, vol. 12, no. 1

Are Marianists part of a Social Movement Organization? Explore this edition of "Marianist Soundings," which has a focus on the laity, and decide for yourself. Articles by Carol Ramey and Alexander P. Orlowski.
Isabella Moyer

Mary's Look

A touching reflection on Notre Dame du Cap and the beauty of the mother-child bond and the Marianist-Mary bond . . . delivered at the World Day of Prayer in Quebec, Canada.

Introduction to Social Justice

A practical pamphlet on the topic of social change, written by Father William Ferree, the premiere Marianist expert in the field of social justice and thought . . . a man who reminds us of the importance of “organizing for the common good.”

Let the Brothers of Mary Call No Man "Father"

The Marianist story is radically open to the perspective of "discipleship of equals" because of the way daily life has been structured between those who are not ordained and those who are.

What Marianist Spirituality Is for Me and How It Works

Peter Daino talks of the woman who taught the Word to speak, who stands next to the oppressed, and who teaches us not to be silent in the face of atrocity. The article concludes with a personal story illustrating the Marian method of prayer.

The Holy Name of Mary

A name, Father Chaminade taught, reveals the identity or the essence of a person. Combining the two meanings for the name of Mary examined here we get “Dolorosa Defiant”—the wounded rebel.
Carol P. Ramey

Mary Was a Lay Woman Who Lived in Community

This paper addresses three components of Marianist spirituality: empowerment of the laity, Mary, and community. The historical relevance of the establishment of lay groups in Bordeaux is compared in two major biographies of Father Chaminade, and the characteristics of the early communities are presented as a model for today's Church.

Golden Anniversary of Alliance Mariale

The Marianist Family is comprised of four branches. While many know about the Marianist Lay Communities, Marianist Sisters, and Society of Mary, fewer people are aware of the Alliance Mariale. So, just what is it?
Johann Roten

True Enlightenment

When it comes to praying the rosary, do you know the "mysteries of light"? If not, let Father Roten explain their spiritual richness to you.

Stability: "The Practice of Staying Put"

The author of a new book extols the spiritual benefits of stability in our hyper-mobile society. Here is an article from "National Catholic Reporter" that looks at this book based on the spirituality of St. Benedict.

Rise of Marianist Lay Communities

A short chronology of the rise of Marianist Lay Communities. Often, we are so busy living Marianist life that we don't take time to jot down the historical steps along the way. Here are many of those steps.

Filial Devotion or Alliance with Mary?

Father Benlloch provides a keen analysis of this Marianist question and explores its implications related to language and our relationship with Mary.

Adèle's Family Tree

For those seeking history on Venerable Adèle de Batz de Trenquelléon, here is her family tree.
Adèle de Batz de Trenquelléon

Adèle de Batz de Trenquelléon: A Brief Chronology of Her Life

This is a brief chronology of the holy Founder of the Marianist Sisters whose life was, in fact, too brief.

Chaminade's Early Life (1761-1800)

This 7-page overview not only provides background into Chaminade's early years and family of origin but also highlights his actions during the French Revolution and exile in Spain.
Joseph Lackner, SM

"Mother Mary, the Juiciest Tomato of All"

“What is your take on Mary?” If you work at a Marianist institution, especially if you are in charge, this question may seem overwhelming. Father Joseph H. Lackner, in sobering candor, explores his relations with Mary. He draws up literature and Scripture in his reflection and invites the audience to ponder and to grow in relationship with Mary.