Adèle de Batz de Trenquelléon

Twelve Days of Christmas

Adèle's prayerful words for the Twelve Days of Christmas.

Mary and Faith

"She [Mary] is my friend, my mother, and my mentor. I want other young mothers to know Mary as I know her and through her share their memories and stories."
Tom Redmond, SM

A Reflection on Saragossa

Could it be that our view of what happened to Father Chaminade at Saragossa gives some insight into how God and the intercession of Mary work in our lives through our Marianist commitment?

Our Lady of the Pillar: Patroness

This is an interesting story, seemingly unbelievable, about Mary’s first apparition in history.
Martin Solma, SM

Marianist Theme: Mary

Through words and images, Father Solma explains his rediscovery of Mary . . . a woman some put on "the shelf" following the Second Vatican Council.

What Does Mary Believe?

I believe in coloring outside the lines . . . This may sound odd to some because I am supposed to be so perfect.
James Wisecaver, SM

You've Got To Be Carefully Taught

The reason for writing this essay is to share experiences, thoughts, and impressions with Marianists who are concerned with involving themselves with the emerging multicultural faces of America. Cultural characteristics inherent in the behavior of Anglo-Americans and several immigrant peoples will be described.

Chaminade's Message Today Reading Guide

Draw out key points from "Chaminade's Message Today" regarding the founding of the Marianist Family and what gifts the Marianist Family offers our world today.

Running Giant Reading Guide

Reflection questions to help break open the meaning and richness of this work on our Founder, Blessed William Joseph Chaminade
Marianists in Cleveland

Marianist Sesquicentennial: The Story of 150 Years of Marianist Education in the Diocese of Cleveland

From the origins at St. Patrick's Parish in 1856 until modern time, this booklet traces Marianist education in the Diocese of Cleveland.
Phil Lohr

Becoming a Caring Community

A model for building Small Christian Community in which all members are responsible for the success of the group and are called to lead at some point

The Life of Mary

A beautiful reflection on the life and witness of Mary, told through her joy, sorrow, and glory . . .

Chaminade Game

With your community . . . draw, sculpt, sing, and shout about Marianist life and things Chaminade in this "Marianist Family" friendly game.

Christocentric Chaminade

To be Christocentric, then, is not merely a beautiful idea; rather, it is a fundamental truth of Catholic faith. Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life . . .

Mary and Freedom

American Catholic spirituality draws its most distinctive genius from the high ideals of the American ethos. Freedom is the ideal that will link Marianist spirituality and American Catholic spirituality.
Sacred Heart of Jesus

From a Full Heart: Thoughts from Father Chaminade

A spiritual quote a day, the Chaminade way
Adèle de Batz de Trenquelléon

God Alone: Thoughts from Adèle

Listen to the words of Adèle de Batz de Trenquelléon in this quote-a-day format taken from her spiritual writings. Material is for the month of June.
Marianist Soundings

Marianist Soundings, vol. 12, no. 1

Are Marianists part of a Social Movement Organization? Explore this edition of "Marianist Soundings," which has a focus on the laity, and decide for yourself. Articles by Carol Ramey and Alexander P. Orlowski.
Isabella Moyer

Mary's Look

A touching reflection on Notre Dame du Cap and the beauty of the mother-child bond and the Marianist-Mary bond . . . delivered at the World Day of Prayer in Quebec, Canada.

Introduction to Social Justice

A practical pamphlet on the topic of social change, written by Father William Ferree, the premiere Marianist expert in the field of social justice and thought . . . a man who reminds us of the importance of “organizing for the common good.”