Reflection: The Night of the Execution

That night changed me; it made me aware of the despair we face in times of death, whether it is the murder of a loved one or the execution of the perpetrator.

Teamwork in the Society of Mary

For all Marianists, the question of teamwork involves matters of the virtue and skill needed to cooperate better in Mary's mission.
Mike Lizbeth, SM

Growth in Community

To help you with your spiritual growth and transformation into the life of Christ.
James Heft, SM

Leadership in the Marianist Tradition

"What we really need to understand is neither the idea of leadership in general nor the current literature (mostly Western) on leadership (as helpful as some of that may be), but rather to understand what leadership ought to be in the context of Marianist education."
Dave Fleming, SM

Educators and Missonaries in a New Key: Circular No. 10

"I believe this topic will interest even those who work in other ministries, because our mission as educators in faith is one key to Marianist identity."

Audio File: Father Ferree's Interest in Charts and in "Consecration"

Brother Tom Giardino, SM, talks about Ferrees interest in charts, and he discusses the idea of "Degrees of Consecration," one of the central concepts of Ferree's interpretation of Marianist life.
Thomas Giardino, SM

Audio File: Reflections on Father Ferree

Tom Giardino, SM, discusses his own introduction to Father Ferree
William Joseph Chaminade

Audio File: Letter to the Pastors of Bordeaux Defending the Sodality

Letter to the pastors of Bordeaux defending the Sodality, its means and ends
Three O'Clock Prayer

Audio File: Three O'Clock Prayer

This prayer recalls the hour when Jesus, on Calvary, gave Mary as Mother to His beloved disciple.
William Joseph Chaminade

Audio Excerpt: Chaminade to Brother Clouzet and Father Meyer

Excerpts from letters of Chaminade to two of his disciples, Brother Clouzet and Father Meyer.

Prayer in a Pinch: Come to the Water

Like the woman at the well, may we be humble before God.

Prayer in a Pinch: Mary and Scripture

It has been a hectic week, and you are responsible for your community’s next gathering. Here is a simple prayer service you can use.

Prayer in a Pinch: Nurturing the Vision

It helps, now and then, to step back and take the long view. The Kingdom is not only beyond our efforts; it is even beyond our vision.

Footprints, A Marian Variation

One day a woman sat in a lovely garden. She was alone. Two days ago she buried her son here.

Prayer in a Pinch: Images of Mary

Gracious God, we thank you for giving us Mary as mother and model.
Lawrence J. Cada, SM

Study Guide: A Short History of Marianist Spirituality

An excellent resource to ponder Brother Cada's review of the founding of Marianist life.
Hugh Bihl, SM

Study Guide: The Marianist Person at the Dawn of the Twenty-First Century

A study guide for those pondering Brother Hugh Bihl's deep insights.
Joseph Stefanelli, SM

Option for the Poor

A “preferential option for the poor” has become a current phrase in Catholic vocabulary in the past few years. But the reality is an integral part of the Christian tradition, beginning with the Lord Jesus.

Spiritual Direction: Chaminade and Chevaux

Explore spiritual direction in early Marianist life
Benjamin Dougherty

A Spiritual Crucible: The Life of Mlle de Lamourous During the French Revolution

Tracing the remarkable life of Marie Thérèse de Lamourous through the Revolutionary years