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Bro. Charles Biehler, SM: Marianist Mathematician, 1845-1906

This book features the religious life and ministry of a special Marianist. The history of the Society of Mary as it struggled against anticlericalism in France and in Germany is presented in detail.

Celebrating 150 Years: The Marianists in North America

This is a handy reference to see the Marianists’ background in a “nutshell,” including "Marianist Firsts” and “Significant People and Events” of the first 150 years in North America.

Chaminade Another Portrait (Hardbound)

Vasey, a gifted historian as well as an unabashed champion of Father Chaminade, organizes his text around roles that Father Chaminade had to play in the drama of his life and times.

Chaminade Legacy, Volume 1

The first volume contains more than 150 documents pertaining to the development of the lay movement in the Sodality of Bordeaux, covering the period up to 1828.

Chaminade Legacy, Volume 2

Monograph Series - Document No. 53; Volume 3 - Notes for Conferences and Sermons, Part One.

Chaminade Legacy, Volume 3

Monograph Series - Document No. 53; Volume 3 - Notes for Conferences and Sermons, Part Two.

Chaminade Legacy, Volume 4

Volume four completes the documents presented in volumes two and three, presentations made mainly to the members of the Sodality from 1800 to 1809; the French published these as Notes d’instruction.

Chaminade Legacy, Volume 5

The collection of various texts presented in this volume witnesses to the beginnings of Marianist religious life; they cover the period from 1814 to 1820.

Chaminade Legacy, Volume 6

Volume six of The Chaminade Legacy continues the development in the foundational period of Marianist life; it covers the period from 1821 to 1830, which saw development of ideas on religious formation of both men and women religious.

Chaminade Legacy, Volume 7

Volume seven of The Chaminade Legacy completes the documents of the growth and development of the Society of Mary and the Daughters of Mary. The Constitutions of the Society of Mary (1839) and the Daughters of Mary (1839) are in this volume.