MSP 2.0

About MSP 2.0

NACMS is pleased to present an exciting opportunity for exploration and scholarship, for study and sharing, for deep personal learning that can benefit the entire Marianist Family. We call this opportunity MSP 2.0.

MSP 2.0 is a year-long program of assisted inquiry into a topic in Marianist Studies.  Through reading and discussion, monthly virtual meetings, and a week at NACMS, participants will engage with colleagues, experts, and the NACMS staff with a goal of producing a publishable product.

MSP 2.0 Sample Schedule

Sample Schedule for Monthly Zoom Video Gatherings


  • Topic: What are we doing? Introduction of participants and NACMS staff. Review reading materials and syllabus. Share possible project ideas.
  • Objective: By the end of this meeting the participants will discover the purpose and expectations of this program and identify the persons and resources available to them from NACMS.