Registration is now open for our August reading group. We will be reading selections from The Promised Woman. The reading group will meet on August 11, 18, 25th (all Tuesdays) at 2PM EDT.

The Promised Woman is a compilation of articles and reflections that came out of the International Symposium on Marianist Spirituality, which was held in Dayton, OH in 1992. All branches and people from six continents were brought into dialogue in this symposium. For our reading group, we have selected several portions of The Promised Woman that we think are still timely and inspirational for the Marianist Family today. These selections address a variety of themes, particularly specific cultural situation in which the author lived Marianist spirituality, the chief currents of contemporary spirituality, the classical elements of Marianist spirituality, and ways in which Marianist spirituality is and can be embodied and implemented.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to view, print, and download the PDFs of the selections from The Promised Woman that we will be discussing for the various sessions of our reading group. 

We will be using the Zoom videoconferencing program for all of our meetings. Our August reading group will meet on August 11, 18, 25th (all Tuesdays) at 2PM EDT. There is no cost to participate in this online reading group but space is limited.

REGISTER BY THURSDAY, AUGUST 6th! Click here to register online:

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First Meeting (Aug. 11): "The Marianist Way of Living the Christian Life," by Jose Maria Arnaiz, SM, pages 1-15, 25-27  click here for the PDF

Second Meeting (Aug. 18): "Voices from a Distant Land: An Experience of Marianist Life at the Southern End of the World" by Cecilia Araya Campos (click here for the PDF) and "What is Marianist Spirituality for You and How Can It Be Implemented?" by Roger Bichelberger (click here for the PDF)

Third Meeting (Aug. 25): "Mary Was a Laywoman Who Lived in Community," by Carol Ramey  click here for PDF