William Joseph Chaminade
The first volume contains selections from Chaminade’s letters from 1796 to 1849, 53 years of his active life in the service of the Church. Volume two is divided into two sections: faith in the writings for lay people and faith in the writings for religious life.

Translated by Joseph Roy, SM, 2-volume set (609 pgs. total)

Vol. 1 = 175 pgs.; Vol. 2 = 434 pgs.

Throughout his lifetime, Father William Joseph Chaminade continually made references to faith, so NACMS is pleased to announce a new two-volume set in English devoted to the words of the Founder in this area, Writings on Faith.

This work, produced by Jean-Baptiste Armbruster, SM, has been translated from the original French by Joseph Roy, SM.

The first volume contains selections from Chaminade’s letters from 1796 to 1849, 53 years of his active life in the service of the Church. Time and time again he urges his correspondents to allow the spirit of faith to transform their entire being, their intelligence, their heart, their will, and their decisions.

Volume two is divided into two sections: faith in the writings for lay people and faith in the writings for religious life. Beginning with his writings on the Marian Sodality, the collection then moves to extracts from the Manual of the Servant of Mary and selections from retreats for sodalists in which Father Chaminade often developed ideas to strengthen them in their Christian faith. Notes d’Instruction were brief texts he used for preaching and teaching. Many biblical texts on faith enrich these passages and allow us to realize more fully to what extent Father Chaminade knew, used, and taught the Bible. This section includes writings from 1801 to 1844.

The writings for religious life cover the time period from 1815 to 1841. The writings on faith have been grouped into (1) the Constitutions and writings destined to orient and guide the spiritual life; (2) notes taken during retreats and other conferences given by Chaminade; and (3) numerous extracts from the writings which, during his entire active life, Chaminade collected and which were to initiate and guide his disciples in mental prayer. As he writes, “It is impossible to make mental prayer without faith.”

The texts are presented in an almost chronological order, allowing the reader to grasp the ever-increasing importance granted to faith in the teachings of William Joseph Chaminade. We follow the Founder of the Marianist Family in his works, his travels, his preoccupations, his joys, and his sorrows. In every circumstance he appears as a man of faith.

Conferences at the Novitiate of Sainte-Anne, 1843

In spite of his 83 years, Father Chaminade went every week to the novitiate of Sainte-Anne, two kilometers from the Madeleine. He was zealous to contribute to the good formation of the novices by a series of conferences given between May 4 and August 27. His secretary, M. P. Bonnefous, accompanied him and conscientiously took notes of his conferences. . . .

Conference of July 2, 1843
on the visitation of Mary
(NR vol. 3, §§ 67-68, p. 563).

1098. Why does Elizabeth praise the Blessed Virgin for her faith? Because the faith of the Blessed Virgin was not overshadowed by the least doubt, was full of hope and of charity. Faith itself must be an intimate conviction; secondly, there must be true hope; thirdly, there must be the love of God. How can Elizabeth say, “And blessed is she” [Lk 1:45]? Was she aware of the accomplishment of the mystery of the Incarnation? The Holy Spirit had revealed it to her. How was Elizabeth immediately filled with the Holy Spirit? By the sanctification of the fruit she bore in her womb.

Conference of July 1843
on God who gives us his Son
(NR vol. 3, 70, p. 564).

1099. “For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish, but may have eternal life” [Jn 3:16]. Jesus Christ tells us that his Father has given him to all people. When something is given, what is the proper thing to do? Nothing else but to accept it. How do we receive Jesus Christ? By the faith we have in him, the faith and the hope, those two arms of the soul. Our Lord gives himself to us via the sacraments. The first time, it is by Baptism.

Conferences of August 9
In the evening, on the life of faith
(NR vol. 3, §§ 83-85, p. 567). The entire text is given here.

1100. The one who is righteous will live by faith” [Rom 1:17]. What is the meaning of being just? We say that something is just when it has all it needs, and no more. When an object has all it needs to register a one-pound weight and there is no extra material, we say that it weighs just one pound. We are just when we have in ourselves all that God demands of us. As soon as we transgress a virtue, we cease being perfectly just, entirely just; if by transgressing this virtue we committed not a venial sin but a mortal sin, we would no longer be just. When we diminish the weight of something and always subtract a bit from it, is it not to be feared that the counterweight on the other side of the balance will tumble completely? What must we do that our souls have a just weight, which is agreeable to God? “The one who is righteous will live by faith.”

1103. In the first place, God is pleased when we perform all our duties because then we are just. We become saints when we persevere in being just. Now, what must we do to persevere in this kind of life? There is the activity of the soul to practice the virtues. What is the principle of life which sets the soul into motion? The principle is faith. If a body abstains from all food, it will finally die. And so it is with the soul; there is a spiritual bread. If you wish to preserve justice—that is, the love of God, the performance of all the virtues—then eat. What is the meaning of eating spiritually? It is to make acts of faith. God said to Abraham, “Walk before me, and be blameless” [Gen 17:1]. So, turn to God in all your actions.

Note on the Text
Volume One: Part One
To Live and To Spread the Faith
1796 to 1849

The Correspondence
of William Joseph Chaminade

The Spiritual Direction of Mlle de Lamourous
Foundation and Development of the Marian Sodalities
Foundation of the Religious Institutes
Initial Development of the Works
Toward the Northeast of France: Foundation at Saint-Remy
The Projects Keep Multiplying
Growth of the Religious Institutes
Normal Schools in All of France
The Shock of the July Revolution
Father Chaminade at Agen: Conflicts and Difficulties
Visit to the Communities of the Northeast
Return of Father Chaminade to Bordeaux To Prepare for the Future
Steps Taken in Rome in Favor of Religious Institutes
To Study More Profoundly the Spirit of the Religious Institutes
Following the Resignation of the Generalate: The Last Active Years
In Conflict with His Assistants
From the Decree from Rome to the General Chapter
From the General Chapter to the Second Reply from Rome
After the Second Response from Rome
Severance and Arbitration

Volume Two: Part Two
Faith in the Writings for the Lay People
1801 to 1844

Writings on the Marianist Sodality
The Congregamini Conference
Sodalities under the Title of the Immaculate Conception of the Mother of God
Collective Agreement of the Young Men of Bordeaux to Reestablish Their Sodality
Institute of the Young Men's Sodality of Bordeaux under the Title of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Answers to the Seven Questions or Objections Usually Raised on the New Structure of the Sodalities of Bordeaux and on the Relations Between the Sodalities and the Parishes
Answers to Objections Ordinarily Made Against Sodalities Established on the Plan of That of Bordeaux, on the New Structure Given Them, and on Their Relationships with the Parishes
2. Writings on the Religious State
in the World
The Religious State Adopted by Young Christians Dispersed in Society Statutes of Young Religious Sodalists
3. Extracts from the
Manual of the Servant of Mary
Renewal of Baptismal Promises
Act of Consecration
On the Knowledge of Mary
Chapter 1: Importance and Advantages of the Knowledge of Mary
Chapter 3: Mary, Mother of God
Chapter 4: Mary, the New Eve
Chapter 5: Mary, Mother of Christians
Chapter 6: Mary Fulfills All the Duties of a Mother in Our Regard
Chapter 7: The Grandeurs of Mary
Chapter 8: Importance and Advantages of Consecration to Mary
Chapter 12: How to Attain Likeness to Jesus by the Imitation of Mary
4. Retreats for the Sodalists
Retreat of 1813
Retreat of 1818
Short Retreat for the Octave of the Immaculate Conception (1819)
5. Faith in the Notes d'Instruction
About Faith
On Faith
The Twelve Articles of the Creed and the Twelve Apostles
Forgetfulness of God: Atheistic Morality
On the Resurrection
On the Church
Unity of the Body of the Church
On Conscience
On Prayer
On Examen
Rule of Life
On the Life of Faith
Notes on the Word of God
Jesus Christ, Light Eternal and Substantial
On the Authority of the Church in the Domain of Faith
On the Virtues
Renewal of the Baptismal Vows
Dispositions for Receiving Communion
On Faith that Justifies: The Just One Lives by Faith
On the Practice of Union with Jesus Christ
On the Sign of the Cross
On the Efficacy of the Cross
Explanation of the Magnificat
On the Virtues of the Blessed Virgin
The Assumption of Mary
Devotion to the Blessed Virgin: Its Foundations
For the Conception of the Blessed Virgin
The Compassion of the Blessed Virgin
On Saint Joseph
On the Most Holy Trinity
On Schism
On Jesus Christ, the Word of God to Us
The Fruits of the Nativity of Jesus Christ: Faith, Hope, and Charity
Sermon for the Ascension
On the Fruits of the Tree of Life, or on Holy Communion
On the Presence of God
On Contrition
The Faith of Mary
Feast of Saint John: Homage Rendered to Jesus Christ, the Model
On Curiosity
Conferences on Faith
On the Life of Faith
Supernatural Light as Opposed to Spiritual Blindness
The Sacrament of Confirmation
On the Faith of Saint Peter
Sermon for the Feast of Saint John
The Gifts of the Holy Spirit
On the Name "Christian"
On the Word of God
On the Parable of the Sower
On Charity
On the State of Grace
Examen on the First Commandment
Instruction on the Necessity of Faith
On the Certainty of Faith
The Darkness of Faith
On Faith
Sermon on the Happiness of Believing
The Features of Faith
On the Martyrs
Conference on Faith
Conferences on Faith
 Doubts Concerning Faith
 Remarks and Explanations Concerning the Conferences on Faith
 Remarks on the Obligation To Grow in Faith
On the Death of the Just
The Death of the Just: A Happy Death
On the Last Judgment
Reflections on the Judgment of Christians
On the Fear of the Judgments of God
On Paradise
On Hell Considered as Eternal
Proofs of the Eternity of the Punishments of Hell
On Belief in the Eternity of the Pains of Hell
Second Conference on Humility
On the Truth of a Future
Fifth Apparition: To the Two Disciples on the Way to Emmaus
On Christian Philosophy
To Know and To Follow the Will of God
On the Three Garments of the Spouse: Faith, Hope, and Charity
On Saint Joseph
On the Gospel of the Good Shepherd
On the Gospel of the Fourth Sunday after Easter
Conference on the Gospel of the Fourth Sunday after Easter
On the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin
Man Acquiring Faith by Means of His Reason
Spiritual Nuptials
On the Holy Spirit
On the Characteristics of Jesus Christ and the Spirit of the World
On Providence
Gifts of the Holy Spirit
The Resurrection of Jesus Christ
On Continuous Prayer
On Meditation
The Degrees by Which Grace Leads the Sinner to Justification
Notes for an Instruction on Abjuration from Heresy
Credo in Deum Patrem Omnipotentem, Creatorem
Remarks on the Eleventh Chapter of Saint Paul to the Hebrews

Volume Two: Part Three
Faith in the Writings for the Religious Life

1. Faith in the Constitutions
The Institute of the Daughters of Mary (Grand Institut)
The Institute of the Daughters of Mary (Petit Institut)
The Institute of Mary
Statutes of the Society of Mary
Constitutions of the Society of Mary, 1829
Constitutions of the Society of Mary, 1839
Constitutions of the Institute of the Daughters of Mary, 1839

2. Faith in the Writings on Direction
Direction in the Society of Mary
Direction Concerning the Society of Mary in the Way of Salvation
Manual of Direction to the Religious Life and Virtues in the Society of Mary
Advice to the Novice Master
Letters to a Novice Master
Autographic Essays on Direction in the Society of Mary, Cahier D
General Rule, Novitiate of Saint-Laurent, Bordeaux

3. Faith in the Retreat Notes
Retreat of 1817
Retreat of 1818
Retreat of 1819
Retreat of 1820
Retreat of 1821
Retreat of 1824
Retreat of 1826
Retreat of 1827
Retreat of 1829

4. Other Instructions and Conferences
Third Conference to the Miséricorde
Conferences to the Daughters of Mary on Faith and Mental Prayer
Instructions on the Creed
Conference at Saint-Laurent
Conferences at the Novitiate of Sainte-Anne, 1843
Notes on the Love of God

5. Faith and Mental Prayer
A Method of Mental Prayer
On Mental Prayer
On the Excellence of the Light of Faith
Reflections in the Light of Faith
The Other Method
The Common Method
Précis of Mental Prayer
Guidelines for the Method of Mental Prayer
Mental Prayer of Faith and of the Presence of God
The Practice of Mental Prayer: The Purgative Way
Method of Meditation on the Creed
Biblical Index
Index of Biblical Persons
Topical Index