Episode 6: Story of a Friendship: Mother Adèle and Jeanne Diché

Gabrielle Bibeau, FMI, Patti Gehred, and Danielle Weidner

Title: Story of A Friendship: Mother Adele and Jeanne Diché

Link to the Podcast: https://soundcloud.com/user-919554601/story-of-a-friendship-mother-adele-and-jeanne-diche/s-4K7E8


This special episode of Sharing Our Marianist Stories is in honor of the Beatification of Mother Adèle on June 10, 2018.

This episode is a re-creation--through fictionalized letters--of Adele's relationship and collaboration with her best friend, Jeanne Diché. Jeanne was also an important support to the Marianist Sisters in their early foundation years. Listen to how their friendship unfolds, even as they choose different vocations: religious life for Adele, and marriage and motherhood for Jeanne.

Narrator: Patti Gehred
Mother Adele voiced by Danielle Weidner
Jeanne Diché voiced by Sr. Gabby Bibeau, FMI
Script written by Patti, Sr. Gabby, and Danielle

All music by Podington Bear, used with permission through a creative commons license.

For more information about Adele and her friendship with Jeanne, go to nacms.org and search for Adele.

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