Advent Marian Meditation: Annunciation

Gabrielle Bibeau, FMI
Narration: Thomas Redmond, SM

This podcast features a Scripture reading, reflection questions, and soothing music to lead you deeper into prayer. Come back next week for the next episode on the Immaculate Conception.

Host: Sr. Gabby Bibeau, FMI
Our Scripture was narrated by Bro. Tom Redmond, SM

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The reflection on Scripture was taken from the book "Enfleshing the Word: Prayer and the Marianist Spiritual Journey" by Enrique Aguilera, SM and Jose Maria Arnaiz, SM (Purchase here)
Closing Prayer by Fr. Paul Landolfi SM in "Until Christ Be Formed in You" (Purchase here)

Music Credits (in order):
"Emmanuel" by Jon Sayles
"Goodnight Esme" by Axletree
"Sung for a Sunlit Moth" by Axletree
"Calmant" by Kevin MacLeod
"Ave Maria" by Schola Magdalena
All songs used with permission