Watch these videos recorded from the Marianist Education Webinars hosted by NACMS on March 3 and 4, 2020, about Marianist middle/high schools and Marianist universities.

To commemorate 200 years of Marianist Education, NACMS hosted two different webinars that featured a panel of Marianist educators addressing the question: What is the gift of Marianist education today?

The first webinar featured a panel of three educators from Marianist middle/high schools: Kate Beskid (Chaminade College Preparatory Middle School, West Hills, CA); Bill Raddell (Villa Angela St. Joseph High School, Cleveland); and Matt Dailey (Chaminade College Preparatory High School, St. Louis)

The second webinar featured a panel of four educators from the three Marianist universities: Susan Ferguson (University of Dayton); Bro. Ray Fitz, SM (University of Dayton); Jessica Gonzalez-Uhlig (St. Mary's University, San Antonio); and Koreen Nakahodo (Chaminade University, Honolulu). 

You can watch the videos below, each of them in two parts:

Middle/High School Webinar, Part One:

Middle/High School Webinar, Part Two:

Marianist Universities Webinar, Part One:

Marianist Universities Webinar, Part Two:

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