Sharing Our Marianist Stories

Sharing Our Marianist Stories

Podcast Hosted by: Sister Gabrielle Bibeau, FMI and Patti Gehred

This podcast is inspired by NPR’s Storycorps podcast series. We record different people within the Marianist Family as they tell their stories of being Marianist. We strive to get a variety of experiences recorded from both lay and religious Marianists from different parts of the country.

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Episode 1: First Lay Assembly (Cavanaugh and Garascia)

Episode 2: Following Mary's Yes in the Inner City (Mike and Beth Schultz)

Episode 3: Episode #3: Brother and Sister in the Marianist Family (Dave Fleming S.M. and Marceta Reilly)

Episode 4: Episode #4: Mary as Mother and Friend (Maureen Hoock)

Episode 5: Episode #5 Building a Hearth for the World (Abby Lisjak and Elizabeth Abrams)

Episode 6: Episode #6: Story of a Friendship: Mother Adele and Jeanne Diche

Episode 7: Episode #7  Sister Marie Abmayr reflects on how she became a Marianist Sister

Episode 8: Episode #8  Father Norb Burns, The Gift of Relationship


Advent Marian Meditations

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Advent Marian Meditation: The Immaculate Conception

Advent Marian Meditation: The Visitation

Advent Marian Meditation: The Nativity