Read more about how novice Bro. Joseph Choi engages with Marianist scholarship at NACMS!

After completing his first year as a novice in August, Bro. Joseph Choi, nSM, began working with NACMS on a significant intercultural project. With assistance from NACMS Librarians, he is comparing the Korean, English, and original French editions of The Spirit of Our Foundation, a compilation of writings by Fr. William Joseph Chaminade and the first members of the Society of Mary. Through this meticulous comparison, Bro. Joseph seeks to identify and rectify any discrepancies and inaccuracies in the translations. 

Joseph’s goal for this work is to provide a more faithful and precise representation of the original text, thereby facilitating a deeper understanding of the Marianist foundation and its spiritual significance across the cultural contexts of the United States and Korea. This endeavor is deeply rooted in his commitment to the Marianist Family and his desire to promote a shared spiritual experience that transcends cultural boundaries. As he delves into the intricacies of these cultural differences, Bro. Joseph aims to enhance his spiritual insight and cultivate a stronger connection with individuals from diverse backgrounds. In December, Bro. Joseph will conclude this work and return to Korea to continue his formation as a second-year novice.

Published in the October 2023 Edition of our NACMS Newsletter.