The Hurricane of Racism

Ted Cassidy, SM
Ted Cassidy, SM

Racism is a dysfunctional social system created by human beings that is like a hurricane. It is a way of living and thinking that has enormous negative effects assuming its own powerful force.

In The Hurricane of Racism, Ted Cassidy describes the nature of racism and presents a method to go about changing it. Despite the fact that racism strongly seeks to maintain power, through strong leadership a person or group can bring about a change. This booklet goes to the fundamentals of how racism works and how to heal it.

Ted Cassidy is a Catholic priest and member of the Society of Mary (Marianists). He has a doctor of ministry degree from the Catholic University of America, where he developed the basics for this booklet. He has been a teacher in high schools, pastor, novice master for candidates of his order, and chaplain at a retreat house. He has worked extensively at rooting out the dysfunction of racism.

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