Marianist Parish Family Retreats

This is a challenging time for families. The Marianist Family Ministry teams aim to participate in Mary’s mission of bringing Jesus to the world.

The retreats provide the following:

  • A faith-filled experience
  • Tools for building family relationships
  • Time for joyous fun
  • Activities appealing to young and old alike.

At the suggestion of a father of twelve, the Society of Mary in 1970 made property available for family retreats in Cape May Point, New Jersey. As a result of the spiritual enrichment of families that occurred, the Marianists were convinced to dedicate the property to the mission of family retreats. Since the first retreat, this work had been a collaborative effort of both religious and lay volunteer staff.

Families began asking if the retreat experience could be brought to the parish. The Marianist Center has now been training volunteers and offering these retreats for 15 years. Family Ministry Teams are available in many areas throughout the country in order to increase the availability of family retreats for parishes.

Cost: The Center’s fee for the program will be negotiated with the parish or organization. It includes all materials, preparation, local travel, and meeting/planning expenses.

Contact: Pati Krasensky at 215-634-4116 or 631-721-6419 for more information.

Participants report again and again what a wonderful, fun, and faith-filled experience the family retreat program has been.

You and the other team members are doing an important job. You make the retreat fun and meaningful. The children you serve are not just "inheriting" their religion. They are learning that it is their religion and embracing it with enthusiasm. Thank you for all you do. —Adult Participant

Helps me by becoming closer to my family and explaining good values. —Age 13

I came in with a grumpy family and out with a happy one—you gave me foundation to add to as we take care of our family garden.

I would make another family retreat because it really helps our family. —Age 9