In honor of the 200th anniversary of Marianist Education in 2019, we have put together this brief bibliography of some resources related to Marianist education.

Benlloch. Eduardo, S.M. Chaminade’s Message Today. Monograph Series Document # 45. Dayton: NACMS, 2001.

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Benlloch. Eduardo, S.M. Origins of the Marianist Family – Notes on Marianist History. Dayton: NACMS, 2010.

  • Chapter 15:  First Works of the Society of Mary.
  • Chapter 16:  Significant History of Saint Remy  (Saint Remy was an early major ministry for the SM)

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Fleming, David J. S.M. A New Fulcrum. Marianist Horizons Today.  Dayton: NACMS, 2014.

  • Chapter 1:  Faith and the Role of Mary Central Axes of the Marianist Tradition;
  • Chapter 2:  The Founder and Ourselves
  • Chapter 3:  Marianist Charism: Social Transformation of Middle Class Conformity?
  • Chapter 7:  What makes University Education “Marianist”
  • Chapter 8:  Marianist University Education Probing and Identity

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Glodek, Stephen, S.M. Marianist Praxis – Building Marianist Education Culture. Dayton: NACMS, 2012.

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Kauffman. Christopher J. Education and Transformation - Marianist Ministries in America since 1849. New York: Herder and Herder, 1999.

  • Chapter 1:  William Joseph Chaminade and our French Origins
  • Chapter 2:  Father Leo Meyer and the American Foundation
  • Chapter 4:  The Marianist Religious Culture
  • Epilogue Convergences: Past, Present, and Future

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Lackner. Joseph, S.M. William Joseph Chaminade. His Apostolic Intent and His Engagement with Schools, Instruction, and Education. An Historical Portrait. Monograph Series Document # 42. Dayton: NACMS, 1999.

  • Part Two:  Chaminade’s Apostolic Intent
  • Part Three:  Engagement with Schools
  • Part Four:  Chaminade’s Spirituality of Education

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Reile. Louis, S.M. Running Giant. Dayton: NACMS, 1993, 2008.

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Simler. Joseph, S.M. William Joseph Chaminade – Founder of the Marianists. Dayton: MRD, 1986.

  • Chapter 19:  Toward the Foundation of a Religious Institute
  • Chapter 20:  The Institute of the Daughters of Mary
  • Chapter 21:  Growth of the Daughters of Mary
  • Chapter 22:  The Society of Mary
  • Chapter 23:  Characteristics of the New Foundation
  • Chapter 24:  Profile of Father Chaminade The Man
  • Chapter 25:  Portrait of Father Chaminade
  • Chapter 27:  First Works of the Institute: Schools

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Stefanelli, Joseph, S.M. Our Marianist Heritage. Monograph Series Document # 16. Dayton: MRC, 1974

  • Chapter IX:  The Apostolate (Part I)
  • Chapter X:  The Apostolate (Part II)

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Vasey. Vincent, S.M. Chaminade – Another Portrait. Dayton: MRC, 1987.

  • Chapter 7: Chaminade Founder

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