Talking Points: Who Started All This Anyhow?

Talking Points
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Talking Points contains prayer, scripture, and reflection questions related to the following issues of Things Marianist.

  • What is the Marianist Tradition of Prayer?
  • What Do You Mean, I'm a Missionary?
  • Who Are the Marianist Saints?
  • Who Makes Up the Marianist Family?
  • Who Started All This Anyhow?
  • Whose Wine Is It?
  • Why Mary?
  • Can You Explain What You Mean When You Say . . .?
  • How Do Marianists Do Social Justice?
  • Setting a Marianist Table
  • What Are Principles for Community Building?
  • What Do You Mean Community is Gift and Task?
  • How Do People Make Commitments to Living Marianist Life?
  • How Can We Be Guided on the Marianist Path?

How Do People Make Commitments to Living Marianist Life?
Here is a sample Talking Points reflection question related to "What Are Chaminade's Principles for Community Building?":
How does community help you retain the excitement and zeal you experience at the end of a retreat or a particularly moving faith event?
It is our hope that Talking Points will help each individual community member reflect on her or his importance in keeping community life vibrant and in encouraging the community as a whole to go out into the world and become "a spectacle of saints" (Chaminade).