Joyce A. Detzel
A spiritual look at friendship, death, faith, humility, grace, and the Eucharist through the wisdom of Adèle's letters.

 by Joyce Detzel 


$15.00 per title in the series. The series is comrpised of three titles: Power of the Pen, Heroic Hearts, and Arising Anew. See each separate title entry for descriptions. 



Series Overview

If you like writing letters, sharing with friends, or listening to personal faith stories, a new Marianist interactive experience may be for you.

We at NACMS have created My Dear Friend, a three-set spiritual companioning series based on the letters of Adèle, the young and energetic Founder of the Marianist Sisters. Her writings provide a rich source of personal and spiritual insight for today, the type of  material that is best shared with others.

People from various geographical locales, ages, denominations, and states of life lay, vowed or religious) pair up and become friends who reflect on topical background sheets and correspond with each other based on conversation starter questions that guide writing sessions. Joyce Detzel, former NACMS intern, is the author.


 Heroic Hearts Overview



We all need strong hearts of faith.  Explore peak spiritual experiences.  See how you, your friends, and other role models of faith deal with death and loss, spiritually advance, focus on God rather than self, and encounter amazing examples of grace through everyday life, people, and the sacraments.



It's a blessing to have friends who stick by you through thick and thin. They know you, have seen you in action, and love you anyway! Recall how you met your friends and the memories you share. What makes you feel happy . . . alive . . . cherished . . . supported . . . or more whole when they are around?

Adèle had a colorful assortment of people in her life. Some disappointed and hurt her, but many were "friends" in the best sense of the word. They cheered her on as she physically, emotionally, and spiritually matured. They knew her faults and fears, gave her honest feedback, laughed with her in times of joy, and stood by her during moments of sorrow and discouragement.