Mary, Collaborator with the Holy Spirit: Reflections on the Teaching of Blessed William Joseph Chaminade

Mary, Collaborator
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Paul J. Landolfi, SM
123 pp.


What are the teachings of Father Chaminade regarding the relationship between Mary and the Holy Spirit? How do we, as Marianists, view the collaboration between Mary and the Holy Spirit, and build a relationship within this collaboration? Paul J. Landolfi, SM, addresses these two questions in his book, Mary, Collaborator with the Holy Spirit. Dividing this book into two sections, Father Landolfi begins by submitting a "summary of the teaching of Father Chaminade on the relationship of Mary and the Holy Spirit." And in order to assist those who want to meditate on Father Chaminade's words, the second part "is a compilation of texts of Father Chaminade that relate to this topic." This well-researched work thoroughly examines this important aspect of Marianist life.

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    The Primary Guideline for Collaboration

    The process of collaboration with the Holy Spirit is fundamental to understanding the relationship between the Holy Spirit and Mary. It is a portrait of what happens to Mary. It can be stated simply: Even though sanctification is basically God's work, human collaboration is essential in the work of holiness.

    Every Christian receives the Spirit of Jesus Christ in his baptism; he is, so to say, conceived by the Spirit of Jesus Christ. It is this divine Spirit that will make him grow even to the age of the perfect man, even to entire conformity with Jesus Christ. The director needs only to direct the cooperation of his candidate of this continual operation of the Spirit of Jesus. (Marianist Director, Vol. 3, § 418)

    Our part in the work of spiritual regeneration consists in fidelity to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit, union with Mary, and in continuous discernment of the Holy Spirit's actions in our life. We have three objectives:

    1.    to strive for holiness,
    2.    to maintain a spirit of evangelization, and
    3.    to discern the inspirations of the Holy Spirit.

    Efforts to attain these objectives lead to perfect conformity with Jesus, which is always our goal.

    Mary, Director of the Members of Christ

    Just as Mary taught and guided Jesus, so she is the one who guides the members of Christ. She conceives them through the Holy Spirit. This is the basis of her educative mission. In conceiving the whole Christ, Mary gives life to Jesus physically and gives it spiritually to His members. She is physically the mother of Jesus, but she is also mother of the members according to the Spirit. However, she became our mother only after she herself had been engendered in the Christ-life. Now she is able to cooperate with the Holy Spirit in the birth of the faithful. To have the very mother of Jesus Christ for our mother is the best way to become like Jesus.

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    Part I Mary, Collaborator with the Holy Spirit
    Chapter 1    Through Blessed Chaminade's Eyes
    Chapter 2    Mary, the Delight of the Triune God
    Chapter 3    Who is the Holy Spirit?
    Chapter 4    The Divine Perspective—The Holy spirit's Part in the Relationship with Mary
    Chapter 5    The Human Perspective - Mary's Part in the Relationship with the Holy Spirit
    Chapter 6    The Collaboration of Mary with the Holy Spirit
    Chapter 7    Our Own Collaboration with the Holy Spirit
    Chapter 8    Blessed Chaminade's Teaching in Light of Marialis Cultus
    Part II The Texts of Blessed Chaminade on the Relationship Between the Holy Spirit and Mary
    The Texts of the First Period (1761-1800)
    The Texts of the Second Period (1800-1814)
    The Texts of the Third Period (1814-1828)
    The Texts of the Fourth Period (1828-1840)
    The Texts of the Fifth Period (1840-1850)
    Epilogue–What is Father Chaminade's Message about the Relationship Between the Holy
                     Spirit and Mary