Emile Neubert, SM
This book—if meditated upon and lived out by many priests—will bring about a renewal of the Catholic priesthood.

by Emile Neubert, SM

Mary and the Priestly Ministry

270 pp.



Distributed by NACMS, published by Academy of the Immaculate



This publication answers a need and an expectation. Pressing contemporary exigencies indicate the necessity of the grace of closeness to Mary for success in the priestly ministry.

Is this not the hour of Mary for priests as well as for the faithful?
It is clear to priests that the more deeply the influence of Our Lady penetrates their souls, the more priestly virtues and divine life they will have, and the more supernaturally fruitful their apostolic work for the glory of God will be.

Could we desire anything more? Is anything more urgent? This book—if meditated upon and lived out by many priests—will bring about a renewal of the Catholic priesthood.

Pierre Marie Theas
Bishop of Tarbes and Lourdes
(from the Preface)

Chapter Five: Similarities and Parallels between Mary and the Priest (p. 35-36)

The Blessed Virgin received her vocation explicitly from God by the words of an angel. Properly speaking, the seminarian receives his vocation from God through the bishop who admits him to the Orders.

It is by the grace of the divine Maternity that Mary becomes the Associate of Christ-Priest. It is by the grace of ordination that a deacon becomes a priest.

The divine Maternity engages Mary in a permanent and eternal relationship with Christ-Priest. Ordination to the priesthood marks the soul of a priest with an ineffaceable and eternal character that includes a special relationship to Christ-Priest.

Mary gave substantial existence to Christ-Priest when she gave Him a physical body. The  priest gives Him a new, accidental existence in giving him a Eucharistic body.

Part I

Living Close to Mary—Its Importance for a Priest

Discerning the Will of God

Mother of Christ-Priest, and in a Special Way, Mother of Every Priest

Mary, Associate of Christ-Priest, Whose Vicars are the Priests

Mary, Symbol and Mother of the Church Whose Agents are the Priests

Similarities and Parallels between Mary and the Priest

The Priest Has a Fundamental Need of Mary


Part II

Mary Forms the Priest as Another Christ-Priest

Entrusting Sacerdotal Education to Mary

Total Consecration to Mary

Daily Reflection with Mary on the Christ-Priest

Meditating on the Christ-Priest with Mary

Acquiring Spiritual Composure with Mary

Mary Teaches the Priest How to Live by Faith

Mary Teaches Priestly Self-Denial

Acquiring Priestly Humility with Mary

Acquiring Priestly Poverty with Mary

Acquiring Priestly Chastity with Mary

Glorifying God with Mary

Mary Stimulates a Yearning for the Salvation of Souls

Mary and Priestly Responsibilities

Acquiring Priestly Charity with Mary

Mary Imbues the Priest with Invincible Confidence


Part III

Performing Priestly Ministry with Mary

Celebrating Mass with Mary

Praying the Divine Office with Mary

Praying Personal Prayers with Mary

Administering the Sacraments with Mary—General Observations

Practicing Spiritual Direction with Mary

Preaching an Authentic Christ with Mary

With Mary, Preaching Jesus by Example

The Responsiblity of Making Mary Known

Victim with the Christ-Priest with the Aid of Mary

Undergoing Priestly Trials and Crises with Mary

Priestly Joys and Mary