Marianist Lay Network of North America
A practical guide to collaboration among communities in the Marianist Family; based on experiences of Marianist Lay Communities (MLC) in North America

by Marianist Lay Network of North America (MLNNA)

49 pgs.



This material is published by MLNNA and is being distributed by NACMS.



Through personal stories gathered from vowed and lay Marianists, this document captures the joys and challenges of interaction among the various branches of the Marianist Family, and serves as a practical guide for future collaboration. It is the second volume in the (Just) Do Whatever He Tells You series, developed through the Marianist Lay Network of North America to provide resources that nurture the growth of Marianist Lay Communities. Yet, all Marianists, religious and lay alike, will benefit from the wisdom shared. The document itself exemplifies collaborative efforts within the Marianist world. Both religious and laity contributed to its creation during a working meeting held in Cupertino, CA, in June 1998.

The document explores the unique family spirit found in Marianist community and the faith tradition common to all Marianists. It provides ideas for gatherings that unite Marianists of varying age, gender, culture, and lifestyle, and celebrates the rich diversity within the Marianist family! It also highlights joint efforts between vowed and lay Marianists in response to justice issues, while offering suggestions for future endeavors. The document closes with recommendations regarding lay Marianist formation and increased organization among the Marianist family.

From Korean Pilgrimage

For an event of this kind, it was important to organize transportation, a prayer service, recreation, and food. The MLCs worked together to organize the transportation (2 buses plus some vans) as well as the prayer service (Stations of the Cross). The SM took care of planning the recreation, which was something similar to ice-breaking games frequently used on retreats. The FMI was in charge of food. This time the sisters decided to ask each family including the religious communities to bring food to share with the whole group. Previously food had been brought for one’s own community, but this time it was broadened to include and support a sense of the whole Marianist family in Korea. The result was a tremendous variety of food and a real sense of Jesus’ miracle of the multiplication of the loaves and fishes. The leftover food was enough to fill more than 12 baskets!

Part I: We are Family—Tradition of Collaboration
Workshop Conversation
House Church
Family Celebrations

Part II: Setting the Fellowship Table—Gatherings and Events
Workshop Conversation
Korean Pilgrimage
Gathering for Young Adults
Connecting Communities in Asia

Part III: The Common Bond--Faith, Prayer, and Spirituality
Workshop Conversation
Community of Prayer
Partners in Faith
Food for the Journey

Part IV: Called to Justice--Communities for Others
Workshop Conversation
A Bridge for the Gap
Economic Development
Communities of Volunteers

Part V: A Community of Communities--Formation and Organization
Workshop Conversation
Formation Symposia
Sharing Community Life
Regional Community Organization
World Family Council
Charter of the Marianist Family Council of North America

Part VI: Supplement to Volume 1--More on Building Communities
Practical Pointers for Planning Meetings
On the Lighter Side . . . Beatitudes for Longtime Community Builders
MLC Mission Document