Chaminade Legacy, Volume 3

Chaminade Legacy, Volume 3
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Monograph Series - Document No. 53
Volume 3 - Notes for Conferences and Sermons, Part Two
620 pp

Volumes 2, 3, and 4 of The Chaminade Legacy gather together Father Chaminade’s notes for conferences and sermons. They may be dated between 1800 and 1809, and almost all were intended for lay people. Volume three (620 pages) includes four notebooks covering the following subjects, according to the AGMAR classification.

  • Mysteries of Christ: birth, passion, resurrection, ascension, Pentecost, and Eucharist.
  • Moral life. Preparation for death. Love of God and the spiritual, theological, and penitential life. Prayer.
  • Respect for God and neighbor. Seven privileges of Virtue. Confirmation and Baptism. Faith. Witness and hypocrisy. Marriage. Virtues and gifts of the Spirit. Retreats. Family Life. The Word of God. Demons. The Creed.
  • The Final ends: death, particular and general judgment, the end of the world, heaven, hell.

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    Document 63:
    Fourth Sunday of Advent

    [37] Prepare the way of the Lord, make straight his paths. . . .All flesh shall see the salvation of God [Lk 3:4, 6].

    Throughout the entire course of Advent, the Church never stops inviting her children to the feast of her bridegroom’s birth. . . . On the first Sunday, it is by the fear which is the beginning of wisdom. They shall see it, etc. On the second, John the Baptist, who from the depths of his imprisonment recognizes Jesus Christ as sent, etc. On the third, John the Baptist, who complains of the blindness, etc. In your midst, etc. Today, prepare, etc. The Lord is near [Phil 4:5]. Go forth to meet him [Mt 25:6].

    Division. (1) Obligation to prepare ourselves. (2) Preparing ourselves means removing from our hearts whatever displeases God.

    First Part. Obligation to prepare ourselves to . . . to receive—that is to say, in our souls by the communication of God’s grace—this God of mercy and goodness who came formerly, etc.

    Two Motives. (1) The greatness of the mystery itself. (2) The abundance of graces which we receive there, in proportion to the dispositions we bring to this mystery.

    First Motive. If you consider who is coming, see what great majesty; if you consider to whom he is descending, see what dignity; if you consider why he is coming, see how immense is his love (Saint Bernard).

    We may paraphrase. Evidently great is the mystery of godliness which was manifested in the flesh, was recognized as just by the Spirit, appeared to the angels, has been preached to the Gentiles, is believed in the world, is taken up in glory [1Tim 3:16].

    Second Motive. Abundance of graces, communicated in proportion to dispositions. It is not the same with these graces as with those of creation or Baptism. [38] To every one who has shall be given . . . and from those who have not, even what they have shall be taken from them [Lk 19:26].

    The birth is the first of all the mysteries of Jesus Christ, as to sequence. It is so, also, as to the grace which it embodies—that of our birth and spiritual regeneration.

    1. All the other mysteries depend on this one. . . . Faith in the other mysteries depends on it. If I believe this article of my religion, I will believe Jesus Christ was a man of sorrow, etc.

    2. If we climb to heaven through participation in the glory of Jesus Christ, if we resurrect, etc. . . . This is why when Saint John speaks of the Incarnation and birth, he says, “full of grace and truth.”

    Saint Bernard says the stable is open on all sides, etc. But these graces, like the gospel seed, must find a well-prepared soil. If after so many years I have not profited . . . received . . . I must attribute this to my own negligence. Otherwise, we would be saying our mysteries are without grace, or these graces are without effect. Blasphemies. . . .

    Second Point. When Saint John the Baptist says, “All flesh shall see the salvation of God,” he immediately adds, “The crooked ways shall be made straight and the rough ways smooth” [Lk 3:6, 5]. Whatever may be our preparations, our practices . . . we must be without mortal sin. This is especially where the crooked ways lie. . . . For wisdom will not enter into a malicious soul, or dwell in a body subject to sin [Wis 1:4].

    Three things happened before the Blessed Virgin conceived the Son of God. (1) The angel Gabriel was sent. (2) Behold the handmaid [39] of the Lord. Let it be with me according to your word [Lk 1:26, 38]. (3) The Holy Spirit came upon her.

    Saint Ambrose says some wonderful things about this fiat. See how she obeys, as a servant; see how she consents, as a young girl; see how she approves, as queen; see how she judges, as mistress of the situation.

    Application of these three things. (1) A grace which chases away sin. (2) Consenting to this grace. (3) The Holy Spirit, not only an actual grace but indwelling, by an indwelling grace (Council of Trent).

    What was it God did in favor of the small number of chosen people who received him? To as many as received him, he gave them power to be made the children of God, to those who believe in his name [Jn 1:12]. (1) A light and a grace by which they discovered the mystery of the Incarnation of the Word. (2) They consented and believed. (3) The Holy Spirit united himself to them and by animating them, led them into a participation in the life of God. This is the meaning which the holy Fathers gave to the words of Saint John. To as many as . . . the world did not know him. . . . He came into his own, and his own did not receive him [Jn 1:12, 10, 11].

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    Translator's Note
    A Word to the Reader

    Notes for Conferences and Sermons
    Notebook Number 3

    The Nativity of Jesus Christ

    1. Jesus Christ on the Cross. Poverty and Humility
    2. Jesus Christ, the Word of God to the Human Race
    3. Jesus Christ, the Good Shepherd
    4. For the Feast of Christmas
    5. Second Sermon for the Feast of Christmas
    6. Another Sermon for Christmas
    7. Outline for Two Christmas Sermons
    8. Fruits of the Birth of Jesus Christ
    9. Outline for Two Conferences for Christmas Day
        and the Day After

    The Circumcision. The Magi

    10. [The Circumcision of Jesus]
    11. The Circumcision
    12. The Holy Name of Jesus and the Circumcision
    13. Outline of Two Conferences for the Sunday
           within the Octave of Christmas and the
           Feast of the Circumcision
    14. On Mortification of the Passions
    15. On the Necessity of Salvation
    16. Appearance of the Star. Actual Grace
    17. [Parallel between the Star and Grace]
    18. Conference for the Feast of the Epiphany
    19. The Flight into Egypt and the Massacre
           of the Innocents
    20. Conference on the Flight into Egypt
    21. Sermon on the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple

    The Passion of Jesus Christ

    22. The Insults Inflicted on Jesus Christ
    23. On the Scourging
    24. The Crowning with Thorns
    25. The Pain Inflicted upon the Head of Jesus Christ
    26. The Blessed Sacrament
    27. Jesus Christ Carrying His Cross
    28. Jesus on the Cross

    The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

    29. Sermon on the Resurrection of Jesus Christ
    30. Second Sermon on the Resurrection of Jesus Christ
    31. Sermon for the Feast of the Resurrection
    32. [The Sepulcher of Jesus Christ Is a Mother]
    33. Questions on the Resurrection
    34. Conference on the Resurrection
    35. The Resurrection of the Just on the Occasion
           of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ
    36. The Resurrection of Christ, Cause and Model
           of Our Resurrection
    37. The Resurrection of the Just
    38. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

    The Ascension of Jesus Christ

    39. Sermon for the Ascension
    40. The Eternal Priesthood Exercised by Jesus in Heaven
    41. Sermon for the Ascension
    42. Sermon for the Ascension of Jesus Christ
    43. [Continuation of the Sermon for the Ascension]


    44. Sermon for Pentecost Day
    45. Attractiveness of God's Law
    46. Second Sermon for the Day after Pentecost
    47. Sermon. The Christian, a Temple of God
    48. Some Explanations Concerning the Christian as
          God's Temple

    The Eucharist

    49. Twenty-seven Meditations on Holy Communion
    50. The Eucharist
    51. On Bad and Good Communions
    52. Mystical Death of the "Old Self"
    53. The Paschal Meal and the Last Supper. Institution
           of the Eucharist
    54. Feast of the Body of Christ (Corpus Christi)

    Notes for Conferences and Sermons
    Notebook Number Four

    Moral Life

    55. Concerning Human Respect
    56. Instruction. The Cross of Jesus Christ
    57. Fruits of the Cross
    58. A "Normal" Natural Life
    59. Uneasiness of a Half-hearted Life
    60. On Good Example
    61. On the Presence of God
    62. Sermon. False Desires for Salvation
    63. Fourth Sunday of Advent
    64. Meditation on Intemperance of the Tongue

    Preparation for Death. Contrition

    65. Meditations To Prepare for Death
    66. Contrition

    Life Based on God
    Vie Theologale

    67. On the Love of God
    68. Conference on Keeping Sunday Holy
    69. Sermon on Keeping Sunday Holy
    70. Another Conference on Keeping Sunday Holy
    71. Witnessing to Jesus Christ as a Model
    72. On Being Unfaithful to Grace
    73. The Beatitudes
    74. On Curiosity
    75. Instruction on Grace
    76. Saint Peter's Repentance
    77. Conferences on Faith
    78. Conferences on Hope
    79. Conferences. Love of God
    80. Conferences. Love of Neighbor

    Sin and Penance

    81. Conferences on the Sacrament of Penance
    82. Conferences on Indulgences
    83. On Temptations. A Meditation
    84. Fruits of the Passion

    Spiritual Life. Prayer

    85. The Life of Faith
    86. Paraphrase of Psalm 50/51, Miserere
    87. Grace
    88. The "Science" of the Saints
    89. God Proposes the Saints as Models and Exemplars
    90. Sermon on Relationships of the Just with Sinners
    91. Conference for the First Sunday of Advent
    92. Seminary Retreat
    93. Parables. The Grain of Wheat, the Yeast
    94. On Friendship
    95. Mental Prayer
    96. Conference. Witness with the Blood of Martyrs

    Notes for Conferences and Sermons
    Notebook Number Five

    Respect for God and Neighbor

    97. Respect in Church Buildings
    98. On Slander
    99. On Rash Judgment

    The Seven Privileges of Virtue

    100. Instruction on General Rewards for Virtue
    101. First Privilege of Virtue. Special Providence
            over the Just
    102. Second Privilege of Virtue. Grace of the Holy Spirit
    103. Third Privilege of Virtue. Spiritual Light as
             Opposed to Spiritual Blindness
    104. Fourth Privilege of Virtue. Consolations which the
            Holy Spirit Communicates to People of Good Will
    105. Fifth Privilege of Virtue. The Clear Conscience
            Experienced by Virtuous People
    106. Sixth Privilege of Virtue. Confidence in God
    107. Seventh Privilege of Virtue. True Freedom as
            Opposed to the Slavery of the Wicked

    Confirmation and Baptism

    108. Instruction for Confirmation
    109. Instruction for Confirmation
    110. Instruction for Confirmation
    111. Confirmation Ceremonial
    112. Instruction for Baptism

    Faith, Witness, Hypocrisy

    113. Sermon. God Is Our Sovereign Lord
    114. Concerning Saint Peter's Faith
    115. On Saint Peter's Fall
    116. Sermon for the Feast of Saint John
    117. On Frequenting Good and Bad Companions
    118. Sermon against Hypocrisy
    119. On Public Penance
    120. On Intruders

    Marriage, Virtues and Gifts. Retreat

    121. Marriage
    122. Conference on Marriage
    123. Various Outlines and Summaries
    124. On Human Destiny
    125. On the End of the Christian
    126. On Retreat
    127. The Character of a Christian

    Family. Word of God. Demons

    128. Conference. Duties of Parents and of Children
    129. On the Word of God
    130. On Demons


    131. Usury
    132. Usury
    133. Usury

    The Christian Life. Duties and Dangers

    134. Questions for Conferences on a Divine Call to a
            State of Life. In Particular, to Marriage
    135. Concerning Novels
    136. Conference. Dancing, Balls
    137. Conference. Confession
    138. Hope. Its Various Names
    139. Charity
    140. Concerning Love of Styles and Luxurious Apparel
    141. The State of Grace
    142. Hope
    143. Flight from the World
    144. On the Various States of Life
    145. Examen on the Commandments of God

    Christian Faith

    146. Instruction on the Necessity of Faith
    147. On the Darkness of Faith
    148. Faith
    149. Sermon on the Happiness of Believing
    150. Characteristics of Faith
    151. Martyrs
    152. The Firmness of Our Faith
    153. Conferences on Faith
    154. Conferences on Faith
    155. Doubts about Faith
    156. Observations and Explanations of the
            Conferences on Faith

    Notes for Conferences and Sermons
    Notebook Number Six


    157. On Death
    158. Neglecting the Thought of Death
    159. Death

    Death of the Sinner

    160. Horrors of the Grave. Meditation
    161. Sermon on the Uncertainties of Death
    162. The Death of the Sinner
    163. Horrors of the Death of a Sinner

    Death of the Just, of the Half-hearted

    164. Of the Death of the Just
    165. The Death of the Just
    166. [Death of the Just, a Good Death]
    167. Death of the Just
    168. Death of the Half-hearted

    Judgment. End of the World

    169. Instruction on Preparation for Death and Judgment
    170. The General Judgment
    171. The Particular Judgment
    172. Particular Judgment
    173. End of the World and General Judgment
    174. The General Resurrection. End of the World
    175. Conflagration at the End of the World

    Judgment as Examination

    176. General Judgment. Severity of the Examination
    177. Last Judgment. Second Examination of
             Good Works
    178. Examnation of Sins of Bad Example or
             Sins of Others

    Christians at Judgment Time

    179. The Last Judgment
    180. The Sinner's Shame at the General Judgement
    181. Fear of God's Judgment
    182. God's Judgment without Mercy
    183. Another Sermon on the Last Judgment
    184. Then They Shall See the son of Man
    185. The General Judgment
    186. Sermon on the General Judgement


    187. Heaven
    188. The Joys of Heaven in and through Jesus Christ
    189. [The Heavenly Jerusalem]
    190. Paradise
    191. Second Conference on Heaven. The Love
             of the Blessed
    192. Third Conference on Heaven. Union of the
             Blessed with God
    193. Fourth Conference on Heaven. The Joys
             of the Blessed
    194. An Eternity of Happiness


    195. Hell
    196. Judgment
    197. Immutablity of God's Designs
    198. Hell

    Eternity of Hell

    203. Hell Considered as Eternal
    204. The Eternity of Hell
    205. The Eternity of Hell
    206. The Small Number of the Elect
    207. Eternity
    208. Eternity

    Immutablity of Hell

    209. Of Eternity and especially of Its Immutablity
    210. The Road to Hell

    Biblical Index
    Index of Proper Names