Who's Who at NACMS


Lauren Boyd, Resource Coordinator. Lauren is responsible for distribution of our resources, processing orders for NACMS electronic and hard copy publications, and managing the databases related to this work. She also is our Office Manager. Her tasks include reception, ordering supplies, supervision of custodial needs, minute taking, database management, and record keeping. Lauren ensures that NACMS is a welcoming and attractive environment for staff and visitors alike.

Brother Lawrence Cada, SM, Coordinator of Research. Brother Larry is often called upon to find or verify information related to Marianist Studies. Brother Larry is currently editing a new edition of Father Simler’s biography of William Joseph Chaminade.

Patti Gehred, Coordinator of Virtual Learning and Curriculum Innovation. Patti oversees our virtual learning initiatives. Patti works closely with the University of Dayton’s Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation program for online learning and the facilitators for the Marianist track. She develops courses and manages the schedules along with facilitating courses herself. Patti also manages our Social Media and is part of our programming department.

Dan Jordan, Coordinator of Publications and Marketing. Dan is the managing editor for our website and chief editor for print publications intended for wide audiences. He issues regular newsletters and promotes all NACMS programs and publications, working closely with our distribution staff to improve sales. He coordinates our activity with our web page designer. He is the liaison to those who manage our server and Virtual Private Network (VPN) and facilitates VLC courses.

George Lisjak, Director. George ensures that the complex of efforts around research, programs, publications, library development, resourcing, and links to the worldwide Marianist Family are funded and operating well. He conducts some programs and oversees the NACMS Working Groups, which are designed to promote quality and innovation in the areas listed above.

Teresa Trimboli, Head Librarian. Teresa directs acquisitions and cataloging, along with library organization. On a day-to-day basis, those responsibilities are often in competition for her attention as she also serves as a reference librarian, answering questions on a wide range of topics from staff and those NACMS serves. She assists those doing research in our library. She oversees our technology, working with computer firms around new purchases and maintenance.

Danielle Weidner, Administrative Assistant. Danielle works with the Director on administrative projects and serves the staff by preparing meeting minutes, payroll data, monthly calendars, and bills to ministries for use of our Business Center. She researches solutions to technology issues; partners with the Resource Coordinator to provide reception and distribution services; and assists, as needed, with text preparation for publications: both electronic and print formats.

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